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  1. What I meant, was if Paris had the games, and London was attacked, I can't imagine their state of mind... Anyway, I heard on french TV, that Al Qaida Europe claimed they did this....
  2. I heard on BBC, only 10 victims..... Gonna have to wait for have a real count of victims... I'm very glad Paris didn't have the OG....
  3. Theme : Ruler by susumu Icons : Mix Apps : Amnesty, Butler, Bytecontroller
  4. Thanks for the Work Bz.... *Downloading* Been waiting for so long, can't wait to test it....
  5. THanks for the Work Bz.... *Downloading* Been waiting for so long, can't wait to test it....
  6. I must say that 3D Max Studio should be very slow.... VPC is only for non-graphic application... If 3DSM is running well with VPC others game should, but actually it's not the case.... IMHO, VPC is useless for everything that uses the graphic card. I never used it, never need to... All I know is only what friends tells me and what I read on mac forums....
  7. Very nice, I like the blue one.... :-)
  8. BIG SISTER'S WATCHING YOU Clean.:|:.Dirty.:|:.Dashed Since I wanted to do something with orange.... Theme : Poly Vinyl Orange Icons : Milkanodised + 1 icon from Fight club Wall : Find on DA, mod by me Dash : AlbumArt, Annuaires, Batterinfo, WorldClock
  9. After ibook, here is the pm.... Simple again, with a dashboard touch !!! Theme : Siro 2.0 Icons : Minium and a wonderful 30" Cinema display Wall : Dunno Dashboard : AlbumArt
  10. Simple Theme -> Tiger graphite Wall -> Dunno Icons -> iDrive et Baggie
  11. Damn, I'll to wait a whole week before I can hope receive mine.... You too lucky guy.... :-D
  12. I heard that for Panther release, people which ordered on AppleStore received their panther 1 or 2 days before the official release..... I'll have to wait till May 3rd or 4th.... You'll play crash test dummies for us.... :-D
  13. Don't want to argue but... XP is just a layer of Win 2000 What ever, I can't wait to receive mine.... That will rocks.... About mail, I like the way it looks even if I prefer the current mail app. Great day....
  14. Little desk from my iBook.... I love it.... Simple as usual !!! Papier et plastique Theme : Paper and plastic Wall : Paper by ??? Ico : Minium Soft : Adium, Butler, iTunes, that it.....
  15. What a cool surprise.... Can't wait for April 17th.... I hope it will be presented..... Thanks augie.... :-)
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