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  1. Yeah, can I get a refund too. Don't want anything to do with a project that has been ditched, and now I can't even use what I paid for. Fix it, or refund. Simple. Nuff said.
  2. 6 Months without an update, cool. Looking for IP.Subscription support, as well IP.Downloads. Have been for over a year, lol Please hook us up......!!
  3. Last Updated: 02/14/2011 Almost 4 months, so this shit is considered abandoned eh? So sad....
  4. IP.Chat? YES! IP.Nexus? WOOOOT !! No IP.Downloads? grrrrrr maybe next week.
  5. But it wouldn't even change the release time for nexus lol...
  6. You should try to do the chatbos support... would only take a few minutes. It is working okay right now, it is just the buttons are out of wack. like send, smilies, font etc
  7. ANy news on IP.Shoutbox or IP.Nexus, or IP.Downloads? Been waiting patiently.
  8. xenForo is garbage right now. I installed a test board, and not as good as it sounds at all.
  9. Hey Timan =) Any chance you could whip up a quick layout for the IP Downloads plugin?
  10. I had to do that yea, I thought IPB would make it simple and just over right the images...
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