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  1. Hi all I was woundering how do you get shortcuts to work in XWD version 5.6 as they jusy dont seem to load anything ? I ask this becasue i wan to make a folder with some shortcuts in it well office and then place it in the XWD window but for soem reason xwd does not like shortcuts it will not load anything ? if i add the office folder it works but then theres 100s of file sin there which i dont want to see is there any help on this getting it to work i was going to use the new version of XWD but theres no support for zooming when the mouse goes over the icons which i like on the older doc
  2. hi there just got your new 2.0.1 Xwindows i have noticed when you use the grid or fan plugin for pictures it does not give you thumbnails of the pics will this be fixed later on thanks
  3. Hi all i have xwindows installed and want to have a stackable dock for my computer but i can not seem to be able to do this, i can ad the my computer but i can not make it stackable so i can acces different drives is this possable ? also is it possable to alter a skin ? i have a sking and i like it apart from the folder picture and want to change it if thtas poss and recompile the skin ? thanks
  4. Hi all nice to meet you all as i am new here and this is my first post. Could anyone help me on how to get a stackable my computer as i would like it so that it would stack all my system drives and using the open would open the my computer folder to is this possable becasue i just can not seem to figure it out ? i am using windows 7 thanks for any help Moved - mps69
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