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  1. So i was browsing through DockEx.com, and i found this docklet that makes it so a badge shows up with the number of emails that i have shows up on my email client icon, (i use mozillla thunderbird) and i downloaded it. but it turns out that i didn't see that it doesn't work for rocketdock. is there anyway i can make it work for rocketdock, or is there an equivalent to this for rocketdock? any help or info would be appreciated! Moved to correct section - mps69
  2. okay, i will look around. thanks for the information and all the help! and i sure hope he does! what thread can i keep up with for all the latest RKL news?
  3. okay thanks a lot! you've been so helpful. i have one more question though.. is there a recycle bin docklet that allows you to right click on it and press "empty recycle bin"? the one i have is by Haitham Al-Beik. whenever i try to do the right clicking method of emptying the recycle bin, i get an error message that reads, "The application called an interface that was marshaled for a different thread." is there anyway to make this docklet be able to use the right clicking method, or is there another docklet that can?
  4. okay, i've downloaded this dock. on the other one, there were icons exactly like the ones on the latest mac os, also there is a theme on it that made it look like mac, it called Venom Leopard. is there anyway i can get those onto this new dock or enable the other one to be able to use docklets? if it helps any, i installed my dock from here.
  5. in the next update will it be more compatible with windows 7? with the docklets problem, i can't find the docklet folder. there is nothing in the rk launcher folder but a shortcut to the program and a shortcut to uninstall it.
  6. i've checked and i have the latest nightly build. and i got it to minimize some things.. but explorer won't minimize and microsoft office applications won't minimize. the only things that i know for a fact minimize are photoshop, itunes, and safari. as for the taskbar itself, i want it to be completely gone. that is why i am using taskbar-magic. with windows 7 i click the top of windows a lot, because that's a way to maximize windows. i downloaded the finderbar, it doesn't work well with the windows 7 taskbar. also i can't figure out how to use the docklets. i have them extracted and everyt
  7. hi guys, i have a few questions that i'd really appreciate if anyone could answer/help me out with. firstly, i've downloaded taskbar-magic to get rid of my taskbar because it obviously gets in the way while having my dock down there. it would be perfect if the taskbar wouldn't randomly come back whenever it wants. how can i fix this? next, some applications just don't want to minimize into the dock.. they always go into the taskbar, which most of the time is hidden, when taskbar-manager is actually cooperating. when it does work correctly and things get minimized to the taskbar, it brings
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