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  1. The thing I love most about the finder is the column view - it makes finding stuff so much quicker and easier.
  2. Yeah, VirtualPC is your best bet. Boot Camp was made because of the switch to Intel chips. It just allows XP to be installed alongside OS X and provides it with the drivers for the mac-specific hardware. Unfortunately, it does not and will not ever work on the G4 chips, especially as they're now discontinuing development of the G4s following the switch to Intel. I've recently just got a Core Duo Mac Mini and I love it. In fact last week my PC just died on me and there's nothing that I can't do on my mac which I could only do on my PC - and I find that the mac versions or alternatives tend
  3. I've downloaded this theme and it's fantastic, but I have one question; How do I get the folder tasks list over to the right just like in the screenshot? Because at the moment mine's still on the left?
  4. I'm lucky enough to have a copy of Delicious Library (and words can't express how awesome it is). Sorry if that's just adding salt to the wound Chrislee149 Anyways, I'd love to have VideoShelf to use on my Mom's computer at her house for when I stay over there, and my neighbour has been drooling over the Delicious Library on my mac and I know that he's gonna explode with excitement when he sees the screenshots of what you've been working on. I look forward to testing it myself on my PC - keep up the good work - it looks fantastic and I think that you're easily going to get a large user
  5. "It's old news" aside, I'm still confused. Apple WON'T sell their hardware with Windows pre-installed. Ever. What they've done is offer users the choice to have both operating systems installed which helps those people who fear that they can't afford to make the switch because they may also need to buy a PC. Plans for Vista to support EFI upon initial release have been stopped, although chances are that over time, yes vista will run (it's not as though XP supports EFI is it?). As for game editors [software or people, whicever you're on about] and "family programs" - a lot of them are avai
  6. ahh, you're right gnomexp. I read about it on a site that didn't exactly explain it well enough. I stand corrected.
  7. I had a similar problem. Check your boot.ini file. Rather than replace your ntoskrnl file, it creates a link to a new one. Because you're able to dual boot you should be able to open that file in the root of your C: drive and modify it to point back to your original ntoskrnl.
  8. Also, at the moment Boot Camp only allows one operating system to be installed at once. As far as I'm aware they are wanting to make it so that you can dual-boot, but as it stands you only have a choice of either Mac OS X or Windows XP. If you're planning to get the hardware just to run XP, I'd personally rather not waste the money. OS X all the way for me Well, next week anyway when my Mac Mini arrives Finally making the switch after over 10 years of wanting to...
  9. Windows has System File Protection built in which yes, is good in terms of protecting your system because if a virus were to delete or replace one of your core system files, then Windows will overwrite it with a new copy, meaning that viruses have less impact on a system in this way. It also stops you accidentally deleting important system files aswell. However, for system modders this has become a problem. The reason why it's probably being picked up as a false positive is that it's possible that some people do use them alongside other trojans as a way of compromising a system. This isn
  10. I'm in the process of getting a mac mini aswell. I've been wanting a mac for years and last year I decided to prepare by buying an apple keyboard, mighty mouse and 20" cinema display. Had them on my PC for ages (and wrote some software called XalKeys to make them fully compatible - especially the mighty mouse with the exposé clone 'TopDesk'). From everything that I've read, it's definately better to get the core duo if you can afford it and DEFINATELY get an upgrade on the RAM. Basically, they've replaced the ATI Radeon card with an integrated graphics chip, which whilst better does rely o
  11. It's possible - I used to have a theme that supported it so that it said "Google" in the search bar and dissapeared when you started typing in the search box. Unfortunately, that was for an older version of FF - I've not seen one that works with the latest version. It's the only regret I have about upgrading.
  12. Awesome dude! I can't wait!!! *does a little dance*
  13. It looks great Shardie. I can't wait for the WindowBlinds version! Plus I'm also interested in if you're planning on doing substyles for the WB version? Such as brushed, platinum (that's the unified look Austin123 is on about) etc... like Steve Grenier's Tiger theme? Edit: Sorry, ignore that bit - I'd only read the first page (I'm an idiot) so I'm two pages behind lol. That's why I was on about Austin123 oops! Oooh - but also, do you have any plans for alpha-blended borders? I was fortunate to beta-test Steve's theme when he was making it and he was telling me about his des
  14. Step 1: Ditch the keygen Step 2: Actually BUY Object Desktop (or any of its components such as WindowBlinds seperately) Step 3: Go to church and pray for forgiveness for your keygenning sins.
  15. I concur. I just visited it and had to upgrade to the latest version of flash. With the site Flyakite and I made, you don't need to download any additional software or plugins. But still, it is a nice site, and was weird watching it on my own apple cinema display lol. And it's an interesting design for a blog...
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