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  1. Anyone know? I've tried just about everything. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. So, yesterday I went and updated my iPod with the new software update. While I was going through the software update folder, I noticed something interesting: Apple seems to have included every single iPod icon for each iPod they have ever made. So, I took them all, converted them to Windows .ICO format, and put em all together. CLICK FOR PREVIEW IMAGE The pack includes all the icons shown above, plus software update icons for each iPod, all colors of the iPod Mini, and several smaller size icons used in toolbars and the 'source' menu in iTunes. Enjoy! DOWNLOAD HERE Icons by Apple Computer
  3. Sorry to bump this thread after so long, but does anyone have iTunes 4.7.1 working correctly in conjunction with the font mod? Whenever I try to replace iTunesLocalized.qtr, iTunes tells me that it is missing files and needs to be reinstalled. Anyone know what's up?
  4. Awesome. Any chance of an Ocarina of Time version, too?
  5. Yeah, that's sort of what I'm looking for, except that it looks kinda bad when converted to .ICO.
  6. Wow, I really have absolutely no earthly idea why I posted this in Wallpaper Requests rather than, say, Icon Requests... there's a big DUH moment on my part. Feel free to move this.
  7. Yeah, that's pretty darn crappy. I still think all of Windows (be it XP or Longhorn) looks like poop on a stick when put next to Mac OS X. Especially that sexy, sexy Panther...
  8. Hey everyone. I was wondering if anyone out there has and/or could make an icon of the Seal of the President of the United States. For those that don't know what it looks like, here it is: I'm trying to use it or something like it as an icon for my folder of episodes of The West Wing. Thanks for anything you can come up with.
  9. Very nice wallpapers, rimshot. Any chance of a pack of the different colors without the iPod Shuffle on them?
  10. http://www.spymac.com/forums/showthread.php?threadid=147981 That thread over at SpyMac has a lot of wallpapers like you're looking for.
  11. I am very much enjoying teasing everybody Yeah, you're right, that green is much better. I'll re-do it tonight or tomorrow.
  12. I took the color straight off the new Shuffle commercial. I could make a lighter version if more people want it, though.
  13. After being told I'd be getting a free iPod Shuffle at work (Apple apparently is giving them to all their employees) I was inspired to make this wallpaper. iPod Shuffle: Life is random. ^ Click thumb for download Click here for full preview
  14. @ shmengie: 50 billion points to you for getting the reference! jef: hm.. didn't think about that. Speaking of paying for votes *cough cough* did my check get lost in the mail or something?
  15. That's a toughie... jef would probably appreciate you more. I mean, with Tim, he'd probably, you know, sneak out after you fell asleep or something. Then again with Tim you get the financial security. I'd go with Tim I guess.
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