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  1. Folderico DnD not only change the folder icon, but also make you own icon from PNG-file. Now you can in three steps, assign PNG-file as an icon to the folder. No longer need to convert PNG to ICO. Folderico DnD do it for you. Step 1: Drag folder Just drag and drop the folder in which it is necessary to change the icon to Folderico DND. Step 2: Drag image Choose the ICO or PNG-file as an icon and just drag to Folderico DND. Step 3: Do magic Just click the "Do Magic" and the program will convert your PNG-file to ICO-file and applied ICO to the folder. Thus, we combi
  2. Folderico 4.0 RC1 ( + Folderico save settings per-user. + Themes was moved to new folder (to make compatible with UAC). * Fixed: dialog "Select custom icon" from context-menu do not set icon. Download "Shedko Folderico 4.0 RC1 (x86). Zip" (4,2 MB)
  3. Firstly, sorry for all who use this utility on WindowsXP and migrate to Seven for long time between versions. Main window of Folderico 4 Beta 2 Context menu of Folderico 4 Beta 2 Difference from Folderico 3.7.X and Folderico 4: * Removed function "Rebuild Icons cache"; * Added fashionable nowadays Aero-effect * No support for Windows XP and Vista; * Can not specify a hint for the folder; * Icon is now used as an icon for the folder, and as a thumbnail; At the moment includes translations from previous versions to: Russian, English, Espanol, Hungarian, Portuguese,
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