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  1. so shoutbox looks good on the mobile version. whats the code.
  2. I had to reinstall shoutbox and lost the mobile setting. I cant remember where the template is.. ive searched on this site...
  3. I need to change the font color of the dark skin to a more lighter gray. I'm in color_dark.css and cannot find it. Please assist. Thanks.(#ececec)
  4. Ok. Well on my site I have ads when viewed on a PC and on phone are same size. Which is bad on mobile since its way to big. What's a good solution? Remove ads on mobile theme? How?
  5. Ok, another question Tim. I have google adsense on here. How do I make them so they fit mobile but stay same size when viewing on pc?
  6. How do I make "dark" the default theme. Also, why do the popups load a little off screen? It causes horizontal scroll. Tested on 3 different android phones. Works on iPhone though.
  7. I made a thread asking for help with the mobile skin. why was it deleted? im simply trying to get support for a theme i purchased...
  8. My Similar topics, recent topics and shoutbox not working. I even applied the similar topics hook in the ASM zip
  9. Since we have scrolling issues with Android.. I'll wait for that to be fixed first. But good job Timan!
  10. /me waits patiently hoping my subscription doesn't expire before the release XD
  11. Thanks Tuman. A IBP and vB4 mobile skin is exactly what I'm after. (Y)
  12. Are we getting closer to a beta release?
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