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  1. The shoutbox is perfectly skinned with your version + the latest version of Aqua Soft Mobile Skin.
  2. Bit late replying to this thread, just saw it now. If you have done a lot of skin modifications then I would suggest importing the skin again, just rename it something different, then from there you can copy the code from the shoutbox templates back into your original skin which is messed up. Look & Feel > Aqua Soft > Templates: skin_shoutbox skin_shoutbox_hooks ^ in these two categories there will be numerous templates, they have been replaced with stock shoutbox templates, these of course do not work with this mobile skin, take the newly imported templates and paste them into your messed up skins templates. Remember to replace all the code in each template.
  3. Seems pretty dead to me. I think it's time to start looking for someone else to port this. It's been what 4-5 months now.
  4. Ya I deeply require the shoutbox on mobile. Tim can we get a progress update , I hate to be one of those annoying rats that keeps asking and asking, but I just would like a update on the progress. Thanks EDIT: I guess I'm saying it's been exactly two whole months so just wondering status
  5. How long do you figure until the first beta. ? Shoutbox ? Nexus ? Curious what the status of those will be initially ? Thanks
  6. Your correct you've done a great job on this skin thus far. But you introduced us to Nexus, but you have left it broken and we were all under the assumption that you were working on getting it fixed up <-- this was clearly not the case. Well if you want to talk about other forum skins, I personally use skinbox.net and think the support is fantastic others may not agree with me, but it's truly pretty good and they indeed update the skins all the time. I'm not trying to start a pissing contest I'm simply just saying. I guess at the end of the day we just want to know what's happening and why we are not getting updates. The only reason I'm still here is because your skin is really our only option <-- but this does not mean you can take advantage of that. Are you not making enough money selling this skin ? Raise the price I don't care I think all we want at the end of the day is a working 'mobile' skin for IPB you know One could only dream. I guess we wait for 3.2 support then.
  7. Come on man seriously how much will it cost me for a working store (nexus) I'm dying man.
  8. I am blind because I don't see store template ?
  9. Tim could you give me a tip which template this would be. I'd like to put a message when you go to nexus so users understand that it's not fully skinned/supported. You can see my example below. Look for the red box
  10. Wondering how to add chat into top navigation my attempt failed. EDIT: I was missing the ip part. <if test="IPSLib::appIsInstalled( 'ipchat' )"> {parse variable="ipchatActive" default="" oncondition="IPS_APP_COMPONENT == 'ipchat'" value="active"} <li id="nav-ipchat" class='{parse variable="ipchatActive"}'><a href="{parse url="app=ipchat" seotitle="false" base="public"}">Chat</a></li> </if> Make any corrections you see fit
  11. IP.Chat = Awesomeness!!!! Shoutbox = Awesomeness!!!! Store = Not so awesomeness Loving it though
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