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  1. if you want to solve that problem fast without tweaking things out. just download version 2.0.2 and place your shortcuts and icons in that dock. then just open up version 2.0.3 to be able to use the new feature with your things saved. It gets annoying after a while but its fast so yeah. =)
  2. not yet dude. But I think Bobah (might. might) do it on a later version. but just keep it a the buttom. Anyways I think 3d on the top looks a bit weird.
  3. Simple Glass for XWD 2.0 - Deviantart enjoy...
  4. well dude that cool but I myself might start making more skins for the dock. Since it got updated.again =)
  5. huh just go to "deviantart" there are many skins their just go to this link at WinDocks .deviantart/ and you'll find enough skins for XWD 2.0.2 or XWD 5.6 all for [FREE]
  6. "recuva"... thats assuming that you actually created a new partition when you install vista again... also if you maybe deleted a file after throwing it to the trash then emptying it...the only way of you recovering that file is if you had a backup under the backup partition or in your temp. folder. but there is no way of ever recovering the data after re-installing and maybe formatting your drive...its just false advertisement...I just recommend using Microsoft new : anti-virus software called "Microsoft Security Essentials" which is actually great updated everyday. with real time pr
  7. if you mean the indicator [yes] just add the actual .exe application to the dock and not the shortcut... or if you mean to open an already minimized app just press [ctrl +left click] or [shift + left click] i think or showing a picture/screenshot of a open app no not at this moment.
  8. haha...samething happens to me and maybe other folks...well i think it happens for some reason....don't know the exact one but -that happens with me when i may have a miss calculation when creating a theme -or when (explorer) crashes... -or even when you change the main monitor... but their may be other reason but you can solve it by restarting explorer. and it will go back down. or by just restarting xwd2 and maybe changing skin:)
  9. no it is not impossible man...you would have to create and image as wide as your monitor...or create and image which hold all the details in a smaller contain place of the image and manipulate and measure the right amount of which distance everything is...but as it is very difficult to get things right in xwd 2 skinning system.b/c there may be some re-sizing issues as-well... (or you can always make a transparent skin & just add the background in your wallpaper which will save a-lot of time and stress...=)
  10. Perhaps the "Keep Dock over all Windows" option is what keeps the dock visible/useable after clicking Show Desktop in Win7, just a guess.
  11. yes man thats why i made them like that b/c of the many flaws the dock may have...but anyone can always tweak the dock skin for there own liking or some well enough size so they can be able to aply them in there computer without having problems...
  12. what gadgets...or the short cuts & and stack docklet. well just right click it and then go to properties and once a pop-up window comes out just drag & drop the icon you want to the thing and then close window and it changes... it just not a matter of not knowing...that problem you have is that you don't look around in the application to see what it has man...but thats what this forums is for to ask for help... if you want good skins for the dock come check out my gallery at #Windocks we have a-lot of skins for all the docks in windows:)
  13. well take a look at these dock skins i made these few days ago...i think you'll be suprise at what i did their...> -->(Beluga v1 for xwd2.0.2)<-- by me & -->(Overboard for XWD 2.0.2)<-- by me yes man it has more rounded edges slightly ruff but un-noticeable.
  14. or you can also double click the icon once you have that small pop up open to replace the icon...[then a window will appear and you can look for one there] if maybe your not in the mood to drag & drop...
  15. 1: well first off all the windows taskbar can be remove by [enabling the (auto-hide) feature] or move it to the top... 2: well Google chrome is the only application that does not get a running indicator even though you add the actually [.exe] application file. most of the time- which you have to do to get a running indicator. maybe unless you have a portable version of Google chrome... the problem is that its not b/c xwd does not support Google Chrome, the real problem is that Google Chrome does not support xwd 3: no i don't think you can right now...but why would you add the start
  16. nope not with me...and i do have windows 7 x64 but i don't think its that or maybe it is...maybe ask bobah13. or download xwd again and start all over with...but yeah i don't know the problem hopefully someone else knows what happened their:unsure: or did you happen to be looking around there and by mistake you deleted a file or modified one,without maybe knowing. ugh...yeah I don't know
  17. (beluga v1 for xwindows dock 2.0.2) at deviantart by vi20RickrMetaL12us (ME) enjoy... no ruff edges on this dock skin...
  18. yes xwd2 works fine if that' what your asking...
  19. well it does not work the same as in osx when you drag & drop a shortcut in the stack i think... but you can always make a folder full of what ever shortcuts you may want and then link the stack to that folder were ever it may be you know if you may not know how after that just send me a message and then I will take screenshots for you if you want but their are some few tutorial in youtube on how to use xwd 2 or even the stack docklet although they may not explain it as well as a XWD2 power user like me...naw no joking but yes heres my email [ [email protected] ] if you may
  20. well yeah if ppl want (magnification) I'm ok with it as long as there is an option to disable it b/c i got tired of magnification. it gets annoying when your doing editing in what ever program if you happen to hover over it sometimes... also who cares if taskmanager recognizes the xwd as a windows it seems to work great with windows 7 aero peek fine that way as it makes it clear you know...and it does not mater if you click something and says xwindowsdock that' what its for man just to help the user manage there shortcuts alot better...but its all in your opinion...but I'm ok with how it is
  21. well yes man...xwd 2.0.2 you just need to have more than one window open of the same application that contains a running indicator...some programs work some don't [ left click+alt ] or just even [ right click ] the app with a running indicator and it will show you all the windows you have open in a list. :HOW TO MAKE THE APP SHOW AN INDICATOR IN XWD2: just simply add the actual [.exe] application file to the dock not just a shortcut:)
  22. some sort of [quick look] for the dock or just to preview pictures or even some video formats in the stack dock-let or and external application that will work with xwd 2 you know but I'm sure some one has tried it but it might have not come out as good but that's something i would like for a plug-in in XWD forget the magnification for now maybe or keep it but a [quick look] or better 3d rendering for themes or a better way to fix up the 2d images for background cause I'm not digging the way you have to configure the things just to get a 2d themes you know...or maybe i just don't know how
  23. it actually is able to use eXpose in applications than Explorer for xwd 2.0.2 if that what your talking about , but they need to have a running indicator under the icon to use...
  24. well xwd 2.0.2 does not have magnification...and not really needed... and to add a stack docklet just right click on the dock and go up t o[ADD] then go down right to [plugins] then a window pops up an you can drag & drop the stack plugin... also if you want some skins for the dock I have some in my deviantart account gallery: (click here to view the gallery) or we have a pretty good collection for skins on Windows dock...at #Windocks or at #idock in deviantart if you want to check them out...
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