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  1. There's one thing you could include to enable real 3d reflections: Currently 3d-icons mapped to 2d-images are shown - what else - with a 2d-reflection. But if you build in a optional function to define/load a "reflected image" for the icon then you could create reflections of 3d-icons which look like real 3d-objects reflections! (Of course the reflection images must be drawn/rendered before you can load them ) I'd like to see that feature! Or just include a engine to use real 3d-objects :D ok just a joke
  2. Then we will wait! Just tried out the preference settings, what I'd like is just a "hide-the-dock" function for the "Keep dock over all Windows" option! Take all the time you need, it's damn great! Now I think I've written enought...
  3. Me too. I use Opera in combination with Firefox - why should I need Safari?!
  4. I just registered to tell you that's a great one - and I think it will get even better! Now there's one thing in the context menu it's just "swith" you should correct it to "switch"! In the future it's important to make it possible to hide XWDock, currently if I'm browsing or something I can't see the face of the dock but the tooltips will pop up! Personally I most like if the dock is hiding automatically and blends in if you move the mouse to the border of the screen! Feels good to use it, the drag&drop configuration is really great!
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