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  1. hey everyone i am using our imacs at school with jaguar :-D
  2. i saw anal-creampie.doctorfem.com and like ewwww
  3. I know you guys don't like these posts but, What ever happened to this project
  4. waaaaaaaa you were a good program make and i'm hoping to hear from you about merlin and aldesign.
  5. i'm wondering if i can have another chance at news posting
  6. yuo can't use that avatar because you didn't ask who made it to use it
  7. no i don't i am not going to get in trouble again and get banned for a year again <_<
  8. [off topic] what is that visual style in the screenie.
  9. I have decided I'm not going to leaving.i just can't.And also i will try to learn to program and learn how to use photoshop and i will try to release programs.
  10. It is sad to say it but it is time to say good bye . I know that i have gone through some trouble nad have gone through some good times on here but it is time for me to go.School has started again and I will have to start putting my thoughts into school.I will come by every once in a while. I may come back in a couple of months, i may never come back. Please keep my username on here. Well here goes'. Good Bye :cry: P.S. if you didn't under stand this i understand
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