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  1. Is there a way to minimize windows to the dock? I just switched to XWD from ObjectDock today and I really miss that functionality. Am I just not seeing it/looking in the right place for the option, or is that ability not included in XWD? Thanks, it's an awesome dock!
  2. You can set it up to run at startup by following the instructions here: http://www.ehow.com/how_5098592_make-program-run-startup.html
  3. I just switched from ObjectDock to XWinDock today because I heard that it was excellent, and it seems that way so far, except for a few features. In ObjectDock, there is a setting to make all open or minimized windows appear in the right side of the dock as their own little docklets. They appear when open and disappear when closed (they aren't the ones that are permanently there). Now that I started using XWD, I realized that I cannot figure out how to do this anymore. When I minimize windows, they are disappearing (luckily I have Switcher, which allows me to press the shortcut and then use t
  4. How do I get something similar to Dashboard (on Mac OS X) for my Windows Vista computer? It is one of the few things that I have been unsuccessful in finding a "replacement" program for on Windows. I've tried Yahoo! Widgets, Google Desktop, and AveDesk, but none of them worked well enough to serve as a replacement for me. Does anyone know of a similar program to Mac Dashboard for Windows Vista? This is what I'm trying to come as close to as possible: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dashboard_(software)
  5. Maybe I'm using Rosie wrong, but I can't seem to get anything on it except for the Apple logo on the far left(with a dropdown menu) and the "Sun 09:36 PM" on the far right. No matter what program I open, it doesn't add anything else to the bar, not even a "File", "Edit", etc... dropdown as I expected. Am I using it wrong, or is that just the way it's designed? Yanquis and I both have the same problem with Rosie. All it does (at least for the two of us) is have the Apple logo with a clickable dropdown menu on the far left and the time on the far right. Also, is there a way to edit the transpa
  6. I have Vista and I am trying to make my entire GUI look very much like the most recent Mac release (Snow Leopard). The most important pieces left to do are getting the Mac window appearance (traffic light close/min/max in the upper left especially), to get the Mac taskbar (I tried FinderBar for ObjectBar but it eventually said that I had to purchase the full version of the software to use more than just the default themes), and to get something very similar to Dashboard (with the widgets that only appear if I press a hotkey). Does anyone know what the best ways to accomplish these three thing
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