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  1. could it be to do with the author title highlight that IPB allows you to use? this is because the only thing purple that is setup is my name on my board where it is using a <span></span> it does have that in the settings in the groups page. I'll try to look into it tonight when i get back home.
  2. it seems that there is a problem with the tags onthe search page which is making each row's text bigger and bigger. if you point your browser to http://icelabz.net/forum/ and search for sitemap and start scrolling down the text gets bigger and bigger.
  3. i like the first one, but i don't it will be possible on IPB as the first one is using "AJAX/JSON" which loads the page via JS. I do however like the option of having an image placeholder to load the page faster.
  4. http://icelabz.net/forum Thank you timan It's awesome!
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