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  1. nice gifts there guys... i got 1. one "ACME Made" bag/sleeve for my 17" pBook (Gold) 2. $100 in an envelope .. 'till now
  2. it would've been good... maybe in a near future someone will bring PC users a .mac equivalent service for windows...
  3. i just got my 17"er too... it's the most wonderfull machine i've been in contact with!!! i'm loving it!!!
  4. after seeing the entire apple portable line... (iBooks and pBooks), and waiting almost a whole year, last friday i ordered one of the new 17"... see, i do lots of photoshop and video editing, and the eextra realestate screen space is a must... before seeeing the 17" pBook i saw the 17" iMac, and while being impressed by the screen size, it didn't seemed that big at all... later i saw a pBook and the screensize was just perfect... now, performace wise... this machine RULES!!!
  5. wow... can you post a picture of that? i would like to see one busted 17"er... i thaught that kind of thing would only happen to the TiBook...
  6. it's not that easy. in order to get sattelite internet you have to go trough a "SISP" sattelite internet service provider... such as Starband, Pegasus, DirecPC among others... they will provide the dish and sattelite modem for you... as fas as i know, this is the only way to do this
  7. for the time being, there is no bootscreen featuring an actual throbbing throbbrer... there are pretty accurate look-alikes, and even one with a static throbber... do a search for them in the forums, i'm pretty sure you'll get possitive results.
  8. selling songs on ebay is a controversial topic... i think it can be legally done. i bought the song legaly, i don't want it anymore, i sell it... it would be like selling a "single's cd" or something like that... still controversial enough, in a not too far future we may see people selling their whole iTMS music collection on ebay... lets sit and wait what happens...
  9. i don't really use hibernation... i use "standby", the feature apple calls "Sleep"... although it consumes 1.7% of the battery per hour, i have the advantage of poping open my laptop's lid and instantly the computer comes alive as i left it the last time... if i want to turn it off, i just close the lid again... and this is all on a dell latitude running XP pro...
  10. a while ago, not so long ago, i came across a thread in which there was a link to a page that indicated methods to modify/create a .cmd file on windows in order to customize a "prompt" window to look like anything you'd like to... i took the task to recreate the OSX Terminal window using this method (see image attached)... the process wasn't so difficult at all, as much as getting a certain character to display properly... you just have to create a text file somewhere and insert this into the file: @title Terminal - ttyp1 @echo Logged On: %date%%time% on console @echo Welcome to Dar
  11. portuguese and spanish both are languages derived from latin... both are similar... so does italian and french... that page is written in portuguese...
  12. deadzombie speaks the truth... i have a 15" trinitron that came with my VAIO... the images are outstanding! crisp, vibrant colors... if you are looking for a CRT, a Sony Trinitron is the way to go...
  13. that guy KILLS my inner mac child!!!
  14. now... synching a iPod with music on a Linux machine i believe is possible i think i read something about it in: www.ipodlounge.com however... running linux of an iPod... i'm pretty sure it's not possible then again... i may be wrong... i don't know much about linux....
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