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  1. first delete the firefox from setting(control panel) and than restart your machine and than reinstall firefox. i hope this will resolve your problem..
  2. Hi all, I am facing a problem with Firefox browser. I am getting a message like: Firefox Mozilla Crash and Restart Mozilla Firefox.Firefox not Responding I have updated the Firefox again and again but its still not working, what should i do can anyone provide me the permanent solution to this problem. hi all the problem is now resolved at my end
  3. do you know how can I start? I mean do you know some links or sites for reading the basics? Not for professionals but for newbies.Please reply your feedback is valuable Moved to correct section - mps69
  4. To come back to XP from vista, Its quit a tedious task it can't be done easily as Vista is far latest version. so you need to format the whole system and than to load XP to it. I prefer XP service pack 2 is one of the best.try the above to resolve your problem.
  5. C is offcourse the one that i suggest to start your programming with and than c++ to follow next...C#
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