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  1. Hey Tim, In the Read Me file when you download it. Step 4: Make sure your settings look like the following. Following leads to a broken page or link, only the board index loads. Just letting you know in case when other people read it they know where to find it.
  2. Hey Timan, can you post the instructions here on how to add a tab safely as well? Also @ senators: How did you get the online to display in the header, did you just copy the code-bit from the online list in the footer?
  3. Hey theoscentral look in the ACP it is a shoutbox setting. Search the ACP for "shouts display ordering" in the live quick search and click on that.
  4. Timan, adding this feature might still be beneficial. Not everyone uses an iPhone
  5. Good list Timan, you think you can find one for the PSP & Wii? I have a PSP one but I don't know if it is working correctly Name: Sony PSP Agent key: sonypsp Regex: Playstation Portable;psp; is what I have, but i don't have a psp to test it lol
  6. Hey Timan, can you create a pinned topic with a list of all the most popular user agents. Then we'll keep adding to it. This way people who don't how to add it, or people who want more than the IPB Default are able to do so. Thanks.
  7. Is it possible when clicking on a topic it jumps to the last reply you haven't read, instead of just the first post of the topic?
  8. Hey Timan, Is it possible to add spoiler tag support, or does it require too much javascript for mobile devices? Test thread: http://gamersfire.net/topic/976-spoiler-test/
  9. I have added it in the footer. This is where I put mine: Find: {$footer_items['copyright']} Before, Add: <span class='skin_link'><a href='{parse url="&amp;unlockUserAgent=0" base="public"}'>Switch Back To Mobile</a></span> See how you like it there.
  10. This will enhance your mobile experience. Delete all the shoutbox hook files. Then Global Templates --> globalTemplate Find this line: <li class="{parse variable="forumActive"}"><a href="{$this->settings['board_url']}">Forums</a></li> After, add: <!-- Start Shoutbox Code --> <if test="IPSLib::appIsInstalled( 'shoutbox' )"> {parse variable="shoutboxActive" default="" oncondition="IPS_APP_COMPONENT == 'shoutbox'" value="active"} <li class='{parse variable="shoutboxActive"}'><a href="{parse url="app=shoutbox" seotitle="false" base="public"}">Shoutbox</a></li> </if> <!-- End Shoutbox Code --> It will add it next to Forums as a tab, so if you have portal open. Portal | Forums | Shoutbox is how the header will look like. Demo: visit http://gamersfire.net on your mobile device.
  11. Give him access to your site elbuo and he might skin it for you!
  12. I understand you cannot post in the shoutbox. Is there a way to remove it from the mobile skin completely? Please tell me which files to edit.
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