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  1. Thanks, I know it's not an official Windows 7 version, I really appreciate it... Thanks to sgtevmckay, it's actually conflicting with my ESET Nod32! After I disabled the real time protection, RK Launcher is running ok. But it's not a solution. I cannot running windows without an AV...
  2. Hi guys, I just installed RK Launcher iVista, it works, but it lags! That is, it stops responding once in a while, in an interval for about 10 seconds, it starts to eat all CPUs up to 50%, and this last for 3-4 seconds. It's really annoying! Then I tried to install the pure RK Launcher, still it lags... Anybody has an idea what it could be? My Computer: i5 750 ATI Radeon 4770 Asrock P55 Extreme. Btw, I've installed the latest driver. Thanks! By the way, I'm running Windows 7 Pro RTM 64bit.
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