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  1. Hi there, I'm facing a strange bug with the new Aqua Soft skin. Some users that were using my board with an iPhone can't see the new skin : they can only see the classic board skin. Is there something in the database I have to reset? PS : the AS mobile skin works great, as some other users can see it. I tried to use the "Firefox" user agent with the mobile skin, and I can see the mobile skin with Firefox... Thanks
  2. Thanks, no problem at all. Can't wait!
  3. Hi Timan, Many of my mobile users have asked one thing : when viewing a topic, is it possible to have a button to go back to the 1st page of the topic ? Thanks a lot,
  4. Your mobile skin is already near perfect. I didn't test it on Android / Blackberry / webOs, but if it works on them, it just rocks. I don't currently have requests for a better skin, as I find the current one so good. Knowing your love of details and refinement, I bet the new skin will be even better. Thanks a lot.
  5. Hi there, Spoiler tags are displayed on the mobile skin, but clicking on the button doesn't work. Do you think it could be possible to correct this in a near future ? Thanks a lot !
  6. In the publicOutput.php file, I replaced your code with this one : if (IPS_AREA != "admin") { if (IPS_APP_COMPONENT == "gallery" || IPS_APP_COMPONENT == "blog" || IPS_APP_COMPONENT == "links") { $this->member->updateMySession( array( 'uagent_bypass' => 1 ) ); /* Set cookie */ IPSCookie::set("uagent_bypass", 1, -1); } else if (IPS_APP_COMPONENT == "forums") { $this->member->updateMySession( array( 'uagent_bypass' => 0 ) ); /* Set cookie */ IPSCookie::set("uagent_bypass", 0, -1); } else { if ( isset( $this->request['unlockUserAgent'] ) AND $this->request['unlockUserAgent']) { $this->member->updateMySession( array( 'uagent_bypass' => 1 ) ); // Set cookie IPSCookie::set("uagent_bypass", 1, -1); } else if ( isset( $this->request['unlockUserAgent'] ) ) { $this->member->updateMySession( array( 'uagent_bypass' => 0 ) ); /* Set cookie */ IPSCookie::set("uagent_bypass", 0, -1); } } } It works well (i.e. blogs and gallery don't appear with the mobile skin), but alas, it disables the possibility for mobile users to switch back to the classic version of the board. If you have a better idea, don't hesitate to tell me
  7. This solution is not possible, because there are links everywhere in my board / website to the blogs and gallerys. Would it be possible to modify the publicOutput.php file? For example, checking the current app and setting the unlockUserAgent to zero when needed. The problem is, I don't know how to do this Any idea ? Thanks !
  8. Hi there, I successfully installed your Aqua-Soft mobile skin. Now, an iPhone user can see my board with this skin, owing to the User Agent Mapping declaration. However, i also run on my IPB installation the IP Blogs and IP Gallery apps. The problem is that the mobile skin is also used with these apps, and because it is not built for them, it appears completely messy with an iPhone. So, how to remove the mobile skin for blogs and gallery ? I tried to add an URL Mapping for the mobile skin, in order to restrict the skin to the board only, but it doesn't work. Do you have any idea ? Thanks a lot!
  9. Hi there, False alert I cleaned the "skin" field in the ibf_members table, and it works now so well. I'm sorry I disturbed you. Your skin is amazing.
  10. For info, I did the exact same manipulation on the official board of Invision, and everything worked (except the fact that the mobile skin loaded is the lofi skin).
  11. I had the same problem. It is because of your cookies : disconnect from the board, flush the cookies, and it should work.
  12. Hi there, At first, kudos for your amazing work on this mobile skin, it is truly impressive. I only have one issue with it. Here is what's happening : - I clear cookies on my desktop et on my iphone, and i'm not logged anywhere. - As a guest everything works : my desktop forum has the desktop skin, and my iphone forum has the mobile skin. - I log into my account on the iphone. It's okay. - But then, when I log into my account on the desktop, the forum is switched to the mobile forum. This is very annoying, as my users will use their iPhone, then their desktop, and so on. Apparently the User Agent Mapping system stores in the member profile the loaded skin, even if it hasn't been choosen by the member (which is dumb ?). The 2nd problem is that on the mobile skin, the link at the bottom of the page "View Desktop Version" doesn't work : I'm staying on the mobile version. (the link is http://my-board-access/index.php?&unlo...ockUserAgent=1) I have to say that I made the modifications that are in the "Mods.txt" file in the installation folder of IPB3 Aqua-Soft Mobile. So, is there anything wrong ? This behaviour is very annoying for me, but maybe this is a standard one for IPB. Thanks a lot for your help !
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