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  1. Wow, i got an iPod photo 40GB in christmas and bought an iMac G5 17'' 768MB of RAM and internal bluetooth on January 21st. Its amazing, i absolutely love the imac, its so silent and..gorgeous Funny when i look back and see how i tried to mimic this on windows XP (thanks to the talented ones here at aqua soft). It can't get anywere near this and i didnt realize it until i started using the imac. Mac forever
  2. can someone point me the right link to the tutorial, please? the link on the first post of this thread leads me to the forum index: http://www.aqua-soft.org/board/index.php?act=ST&f=8&t=15261 I installed the compact menu (one i found using google...) but it doesn't appear on the extensions menu and on the compose window. I unninstalled thunderbird and installed it again but nothing changed. The skin is great but I need the tutorial because I can't seem to make this compact menu thing working and I can't unninstall it either. Thanks
  3. Sonic! Damn I miss my SEGA Thank you for the time you spent working on this. Those are great SEGA icons. Could you please send those icons to my e-mail? its efeitosecundario/a/gmail.com Thank you!
  4. Can someone please tell me where can i get the compact menu? I've searched on moz extensions but didnt find the compact menu for 1.0, I made a search on this forum too. Thanks
  5. Oh! i don't have Y'Z Toolbar Could someone help me out? my e-mail is miguel[at]glassjaw.org
  6. I mean those buttons in explorer! I called it toolbar The "back" "forward" "up" "views" etc buttons yours look much better with this VS
  7. I love this VS. Congratulations Stefanka, you don't cease to amaze us with your talent but i cant help it and i'm hungry for more and i mean the system files. i like your tool bar will you ever release those?
  8. are you using windowblinds just to skin firefox and VS for the rest? can this be done?
  9. ihey you people keep having trouble with bandwidth and stuff... i can host your system files if you want, as a mirror... i have unlimited bandwidth, so... PM me if you're interested. i'd love to say something about the files but i can't download them, seems like the links are dead :/
  10. hey thankyou people for saving Stefanka's Finder, damn.. this is like a soap opera. at some point stef says hes quitting his finder but then someone comes and he changes his mind, beautiful a lot of action hehe im anxious to have that, stefanka, we all are good work
  11. this-is-awsome stefanka ! :woot: damn, you're good
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