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  1. Hi, This is a website for website designing tutorial. This will be very useful for beginners who are interested in learning web designing. http://www.how-to-build-websites.com/
  2. I regularly use Google for search. Sometimes, I use yahoo and msn. But I found Google more convenient and easy for searching to get best results.
  3. The taskbar in Windows 7 can be configured in many ways that will dramatically change the look and style. In my last article I talked about the many looks of the taskbar and now I am going to show you how to customize the looks. One easy way to save screen space is to turn on small Icons which will shrink the height of the taskbar but keep the new program combining features (no text displayed & program grouping) enabled. Right click on the taskbar and select Properties Then, on the taskbar tab check Use small icons and hit OK.
  4. I am fond of multimedia and animation. I wanted to learn to animation and became a animator. Can anyone give me some ideas on learning that courses.
  5. The solution comes in the form of a tiny little application called Vista Flip 3D Activator. Installing the application is as simple as downloading and extracting the program file and running through the install wizard. Once you’ve done that, you can then check the corner of the screen that you’d like to use for activating Flip 3D.
  6. You can load your documents in your favorite applications by specifying which application will automatically launch for a particular file type. When you double-click a file in the Finder, an application usually launches that can handle that type of file. This works fine for most day-to-day tasks, but sometimes it is not what you want. Suppose, for example, that you have a JPEG file that you downloaded from the Internet using Safari. Perhaps all your JPEG icons display an icon based on the Preview application. When you want to edit the image that you downloaded with another application such as Adobe Photoshop CE or Photoshop Elements, you usually have to jump through some hoops to make the image open in the other application. Fortunately, Tiger takes away some of the guesswork. You can instantly change which application will open a specific type of file. You can also tell your Mac to open all files of that type with the application of your choosing.
  7. Hi everyone. I love my phone sony ericson k320i. I use to carry this phone everywhere. I love my phone. It has many features which includes bluetooth,etc.
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