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  1. So I'm getting a Mac soon, laptop variety (for school) I'm in Digital Arts and Design (Basically Graphics Media) and I need a laptop that can handle photoshop and my illustration works. What would you recommend?
  2. Click 2 Big Platform: OSX Theme: Default Tiger Wallpaper: Blue Geisha Icons: Various
  3. @Darrell - http://s50.yousendit.com/d.aspx?id=35JCXW6CJN1ET0GFWTRYLCEIP
  4. Thanks to Castroman for the Wallie!
  5. Perfect Dark Zero OS: OSX Theme: Iridium Wallpaper: Joanna Sillouette Icons: DOCUNiUM, Minium, G5 Drives & Misc Konfabulator: iTunes Controller & iTunes Display
  6. Can anyone point me in the right direction? http://screenshots.haque.net/screenshots/v...enshot-6314.jpg
  7. Could you shoot a link to that Wall? Roselyn is TEH HOTZ
  8. Oh man you have to release them for OSX, they're perfect
  9. I just got Tiger from a friend (she gave me her G4) and I setup my partitions, I put 8GB for OSX itself and another partition for everythng else. Can you install applications on the second partition or must they go on the first? I don't feel like reinstalling Tiger and getting rid of everything I have so far, but I was wondernig as I only have 3GB of space left
  10. Man I aven't been on A-S in forever! Time to become a regular again Fresh install OS - OSX 10.4.2 Wall - Blueness Leaves IM - Adium It's a Mac
  11. On that second picture, if you recolor it looks like a flatbed or some place in Arizona
  12. Unless you have a Nvidia 6 series, you don't have DX9.0C since C is DX9 with Shader Model 3.0, which ATi left out of their new cards. But if you do have A Nvidia 6 series, just install new drivers
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