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  1. Hi, if there's already a similar topic, I'm sorry. I heard there's a way (having Snow Leopard's DVD) to install it on desktop's by simulating its BIOS with this ISO: Link Removed I'm sooo crazy to try (I have Snow Leopard DVD), but... how can I dual boot it with the Windows 7 partition? And will it work on my AMD x64? I'm sorry for my bad english and my ignorance
  2. Hi guys, first I'm sorry for my bad english, I'm Italian I'm searching a fully customizable bar that can replace my Cairo Shell, cool but still buggy, so I searched and found ObjectBar, but I still can't find a skin like Cairo, with "Applications, Libraries and System", the tray, the clock and the search engine (spotlight). Can you help me with this? I'd like to customize my bar, replace Cairo and, if possible, translating the strings in italian. Am I asking too much? Thanks for your help
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