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  1. All of the mentioned ones are okay, but none stand up to RKLauncher iVista Leopard, but if you decide to get it, be sure to get the iVista Leopard version, because the original RKLauncher sucks like crap.See screenshot.
  2. They don't work, it's for display purposes only. It came with Rosie 0.3, but now when I try to run Rosie, all I get is my "busy" cursor and Rosie shows up as the clock and a white Tiger-style bar. The Apple logo didn't even show up. It was working fine last month. Any ideas about what could be wrong? EDIT: Never mind, thatguy009, I thought you were talking about the Rosie bar at the top, but yes, the new version comes with support for at least Firefox 3.5+, I think. Still having the same problem with Rosie as mentioned above, though. EDIT: Never mind again, you were talking about that after all. I use Rosie, and it comes with support for Firefox 2, before Mozilla radically changed the menus and UI.
  3. Wonderful, matonga! Keep up the good work. Looks wonderful with MacOSX theme for Firefox 3.5+.
  4. Sure, abarnes94. Currently, I am running Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit, so I am not sure of compatibility for 64-bit at this time. For the finder-bar, I am using Rosie, by Matonga. It took me ages to find it, so it is attached to this post. Simply run the executable, and find a Snow Leopard theme. And your second issue, the left-side traffic lights, you could try hacking the msstyle, but I would recommend Leftsider (just google that). I personally didn't use it though, since it interferes with programs that have a large button to the left instead of the usual File, Edit, etc. menus. The dashboard can be taken care of with Rainmeter (google that), which allows you to monitor your computer, stats, clock, etc. from your desktop. Very skinnable too. Also, instead of Leftsider, you can try Apple Close/Min/Max (google that or search on Aqua-Soft). PS: Regarding the attached Rosie RAR archive, don't worry, it's not a preview (as the filename recommends). Good luck with Mac Emulation! Rosie_1.0_x86_Preview_.zip
  5. Does anybody have a Leopard skin for Rosie? PS: I don't know what this means, but my executable for Rosie is titled "rosie2.exe". Does that signify that 1.0 or perhaps even Rosie 2.0 has arrived? If you guys want to try the new thing, i'll send you guys a RAR. EDIT: Does anyone know how to install the themes? I don't know what files to put in which directory. Also, how do you change the font? I would want to use OBFont, but I can't...
  6. That's too bad Rimmer, but thanks for what you made. It's still pretty nice (sorry I didn't catch up on the conversation til now, but I just found this post last night).
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