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  1. download-->Manyvox's Blue dock<--download photoshoped this to make it look like this link Notice original indicator and new-flourishing stack test it you'll see To use this skin I strongly recomand to set the panel opacity to 100% an to disable icon reflection (as it's supposed to be a solid suface ) enjoy romain truchard
  2. yeah cause that was one of the best features in 5.6 anyways take your time to make it good
  3. first I must say that the dock looks really cool and much more stable i thought the fact that icons didn't magnify was a bug on seven but no it seems that its because its the beta release the preferences are simpler however i'd like to set the 5.6 option "show dock on mouse over" and it be cool if we could still edit icons in the future stacks hope the genie effect will still be there ! thx a lot guys this is so cooooool
  4. will we still be able to edit icons in stacks ? an will the genie effect be fixed at the top of the window (I mean in mac when you minimize the top of the window firsts gets a bit rounded and the it goes down) I Know it might appear to be details but hey! that's how the developers really made the best windows dock
  5. I know this post is in the wrong place but i did not put it here anyways (must have been redirected or something...) So I think there is no wrong place for a bit of help so here is what I found out on Windows 7 (ultimate , but must be the same for other versions) If you have problems with the dock when aero theme is enabled you just have to put the basic theme on, reboot put the aero and then restart your computer two times (sounds a bit weird but it worked on several test I made) so if this post could be put in the help center that could help (I think I'm not the only one to have t
  6. Well actually my technique worked for a few minutes and now it won't work anymore so the thing is ; the zoom on mouseover works only witn a classic theme and does not seem to be friend with the aero theme could anyone tell me where's the trick ?
  7. I have the same problem on windows 7 icons don't magnify on mouseover and labels are missing... you think if i reset windows seven settings to default it might actually do something ? OK guys i'll just answer my question you have to put the windows task bar at bottom when you first run the app ! and chose default Theme then you can change all that stuff Hope I helped Do Not Double Post - mps69
  8. Is it possible to have a reverse effect: i mean the genie effect when you maximise the window ?
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