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  1. Any way to get it to work with this mod? http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/3324-topic-prefixes/
  2. I am not using your theme but some of your css and I have noticed some browsers don't support webkit. Is there a fix for this? The problem is that the browsers that do no support webkit show the page all messed up.
  3. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make a SMF version. I have made a mobile theme based on aqua-soft mobile but yours would be so much better! I can give you the code for mine if it will help you make a SMF version. My version:
  4. By the way, thanks for the css file. This is how far I got on My SMF Test Forum. Look at attachment!
  5. Thanks! Do you think could upload the images when you have the time? I also heard there were more css files. Is it easy to upload the whole skin folder extracted? Sorry I am so demmanding^^. Thanks
  6. Can someone extract the mobile theme for me< I don't have iPBoard V3, but have a SMF forum. I bought the theme so I could view the css files and use the images but cannot extract it without a IPBoard forum.
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