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  1. EXTREME CPU LEAK. HELP. It's using 50% of the CPU at idle. 30k memory, too. It's never done this before. Sure, I have 2 stack docklets from Matonga, but they weren't causing any trouble at all. Take a look at the screenshot of Task Manager to see an example (note: pixelated for privacy) HOW DO I FIX THIS?
  2. Love the new dock too. Ability to edit the label fonts would be great, I hate Arial. Another suggestion from me is the ability to control the opacity of the window reflection.
  3. it changes the menus on the ObjectBar from window-specific to default, e.g. if I'm using Photoshop then Photoshop menus are on the ObjectBar. When I click XWD while doing that, it gets rid of the Photoshop menus and replaces them with default "File, Edit, View, Go, Window, Help" menus, so I can't edit after launching and closing Yahoo Widgets HUD from the dock.
  4. Magnification would be AWESOME! CPU leak? XWD uses 10-20% of my CPU when in use. OD1.9 uses 5%. Also, better bounce effect would be cool. Task Manager recognizes XWD2.0 as a window. That gets really annoying because I also use a Leopard theme for ObjectBar, and THAT recognizes it as a window, too. So if I click on the dock, it will say "XWindows Dock" instead of the window I had selected.
  5. Matonga's Stack Docklet cannot change its icon. It takes up quite a lot of memory when it uses cross-platform docklets
  6. You should have gotten a ZIP package. Unzip it, place the resulting folder in Program Files, go inside, and launch XWD.exe. BTW, Matonga's Stack Docklet 0.9 (The best version by far) won't get its icons going.
  7. I'm wondering if you could: 1. Make an iCal plugin, would be super awesome. 2. Genie effect "Minimize to Dock" plugin 3. "Zoom" effect plugin and bugs: 1. Stacks plugin is super slow on my "Applications" folder, because it has 60 icons and it can't process the large icon size it shows. Could you guys either add a resizable icon feature in the stack, make it faster, remove the item count, or all 3? 2. Bounce effect sometimes doesn't work. 3. Stacks plugin won't launch .INK files.
  8. Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard skin for TrueTransparency. Since TT doesn't support additional buttons, I couldn't add the Roll-up button. Other than that, it's perfect on most of the Leopard/Snow Leopard skins. Compatible with most versions of TrueTransparency, tested with Version 1.41. You may mod the skin in any way that you like, as long as you give me credit. TrueTransparency's credits go to Lefreut. />http://prodo123.deviantart.com/#/d2u3mmo
  9. Same here. All links posted are either dead, offline, broken, or overrun with ads.
  10. That would explain his problem, but not mine. I installed my logon via replacing the Logonui.exe file itself. The thing is, I modded Mark Raats's Leopard logonui.exe to match Snow Leopard. I changed the background, worked fine. I wrote 2 lines and moved the edge of the icon area down a tiny bit, and applied it via reshacker. It's a 24-bit, MSPaint-saved, same dimension BMP. For some reason my Windows XP is being stupid and is showing the same error. The UIFILE hasn't been touched; everything is as it should be (Mine's in English) so why is this not working? Logon.bmp
  11. I am a big fan of TrueTransparency, for it doesn't cause lag and/or bugs (unlike WindowBlinds) and doesn't show as a separate window on WinExpose. However, the program sometimes doesn't skin some programs, for example Firefox. Since Exclude Manager in TrueTransparency has the ability to include as well as exclude, I go on there, just to see that many programs I am running are not on there. Whatever I do, like edit the include file for the Manager, Firefox won't get skinned. What should I do?
  12. Ok, first of all, GREAT PROGRAM! Low memory and CPU usage when idle (with some stuff turned off) and, to a certain extent, activated. Just one problem: It doesn't have Korean/Japanese/Chinese character support. So, if you go on some website that has some Asian characters for its title, WinExposé marks it as some symbol or fraction. Can you fix it, or can anyone teach me how to make a language pack?
  13. I'm sorry, but this is about DirectX. It's really annoying when some programs don't have DirectX 10+ support. Some old games don't, and some people say even if you downgrade, it causes errors.
  14. OK, so I'm new to AveDesk. When I tried to install it, it sayd a file called d3dx9_36.dll was missing. It is a DirectX 9 dll, only found in version 9, and I have 10, I believe. So, I had to go to DLLFiles.com and download the dll. Now, it works (sorta). Whenever I add multiple desklets, they overlap, and the ones behind can't get out of the front one's borders. So, all of the desklets are practically trapped in the first one. I don't want to downgrade DirectX because that would cause some problems with the programs I have, and this problem is getting REALLY annoying. And the desklets that are
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