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  1. Here's meh baby! Ohhhhhh I love cell shaded at the mo, so smooth, so origional, so green, so sexy.... ::Touch me here to make me bigger::
  2. Has anybody got a link or something to this wall? I've seen it on heaps of desktops......
  3. Anybody have windows ports of the origional jaguar/panther cursors? (Talking bout the animated ones). Also those ones by max are very nice, would really really like to have these cursors. Windows cursor format would be ideal but cursor xp format would also be good (better than nothing I suppose). Anyway I remember that Goku did some nice 'beach ball' ones, are they still around anywhere? Even if nobody has any decent cursors perhaps somebody would like to take up the challenge of making new ports......... Thanks for the help!
  4. :canadian: Hurray! :canadian: Damn I knew I was spelling cappuccino wrong.....
  5. I've been looking for the cappuchino VS for ages and it's really annoying that I can't find it anywhere! The site of they guy who made it is down, and I think it has been for a very long time. So how can I get my dirty little mits on it then? Can you guys help me out please.
  7. What about that shark wall? I'd love to have that. Could somebody post it for those of us who don't have the time for email requests?
  8. Maybe she accidentaly pressed the pint screen button on the keyboard. (for those that don't know it takes a screenshot and puts it on the clip board) Then somehow she might have accidentally pasted it when trying to change her user picture. Well thats my best guess anyway.......
  9. OMG devil in diguise!!! :rule: WALLPAPER!!! :rule: :rule: WMP SKIN!!! :rule: (Y) gimme gimme gimme!!!!!!!!!! please (Y) EDIT: opps just realised it wasn't your DT! but still..............
  10. hey great walls! If you're having hosting problems you should try uploadit.org, works every time for me
  11. Ha look at what I came accross! Apple Displays.... Nuf sed
  12. OMG you poor souls are all lost! Firstly 'slate' or 'sh*t' as some of you like to call it is definately NOT the way microsoft are heading. This 'poo' couloured style was created for the sole purpose substituting areo in the PDC preview! (damn i wish i could remember where i read this!) This is because M$ is afraid of compeditors copying Aero. Just like how nobody even knew of the existense of luna before its release. We won't see anything closely resembling the final look of longhorn until its release. And by the way, microsoft don't even completly know how it will look. It hasn't even been
  13. Ha I stared this topic and then i completely forgot about it until i stumbled across it just now! Yes there is a higher version of the "Miami" (or where ever it is) wall. I remember it being a huge png file, like a coupple of mb or something. Ah well. :rant: 'smacks himself for ever deleting it in the first place' :rant: Those other skylines are awesome! I would love to whip them on my desktop! Please somebody host them! (Y)
  14. I saw this wall once at aqua-soft ages ago and I was wondering if anybody has it. I tried seaching the forum but couldn't find anything. Please please please please I want it sooo bad can sum1 come up with the goods?
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