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  1. the new gui is everytime better, and tags are really useful . if is possible: -seems large cover viewver is always focused and override the other windows -i think it is not a good idea to lose the case sensitive maybe better if an option , becasue if i search for an actor,movie or director and sometimes , for example a movie title has the first letter or the article in capital font , the application will not found that movie and it is frustrating also when what i need to search is a bit different or not strictly the same has been saved simply becasue i don't remember it exac
  2. Scumm on my mouth after the last lines you wrote i was meaning that if i edit a plot of a movie (for exaple using the way of cutpaste from a site) and between it there is an empty line (cause a fullstop or a new added comment) all that is after that empty line will be not added , as like the first "empty line" put the rules of the end of write field sorry for my hugly english. thanks again for listening the wishes.
  3. Great work, really better graphycal improves (it remember me the yahoo widget style with those violet font colors) and is also nice the pending choice there are still some little bugs that i think u just know -still cannot be edit the genres -the plot is not accepted all if there is an empty line betweenup - if u add a movie with a" /" in his title there are problems with his .jpg becasue "/" is not accepted for files descriptions. anyway the look is incredible i hope you will find a way to make it works with avedesk , and add a little and useful option for listview (as like delicio
  4. zorda75

    White key

    10x Jet i like the keyboard idea !
  5. I am Italian too , anyway i think i will not update with winlogo, the theme is strictly aqua and this is an aqua emulation site ; so there is no much sense a winflagt ,than the original author of guikit ( Susumu) made it for mac, and i can't mod as i wish :slant:
  6. @ Piotr82 finally got the font bold issue: after a long period i notice that Nvidia and Ati rendering is different, Geforce make those Bolder , i use an ATI so probably u have a Geforce and my mod fonts are showing bolder on ur display .
  7. @Laertis and Smoovie: Tnx, finally i feel better again @Zacks i will speak with Duyvan and Astyanax, i think a perpixel wba version will come out, no problem with Makki and i think also with Susumu
  8. i am sleeping a bit on it ( i have been sick for a while , a little surgical opearation, life some problems and so on.. ), the work is long because many color variants to do; in response to who i've seen writing that converting or doing a port is a simple and easy thing to do in a day..i am not in the same way of thinking ; "Sky" precision is one of few examples of what is a "smooth" conversion and that require time , eyes and a bit of good chosen (BMP is not easy to make smooth) that's my opinion. anyway this is the point of situation: 4 colors variant ( Orange, blue, green,
  9. yeh please leave the fadinganimation as like an option, bevcause that effect really gives a great look to the application.
  10. Thanks to: /DSKY (Daisuke Y a m a s h i t a [link]) for permission to port /Boga ( [link]) for using his template from this [link] /Mass1v3 ([link]) for his great packaging
  11. @Sranshaft, for movie ID (movie identity) i was meaning a tab in wich to set a number to a movie manually ( in order to find a movie faster in our bags) than i have other requests : in edit tab is also possible to change "name of the movie""category""year" ? cause the different languages for title , and most of all (for category) Amazon is always falling to assign the right one to a movie : example"Brothers Grimm"=Horror :/ ) oh, seems "search for director" doesn't works thanks so much to listen all our request ! ps: no problems for compliments , your app is really grea
  12. LOL still did't tried to quit this excellent toy , anyway some little improves to do: 1) add a movie manually doesn't works 2) change movie proprieties update botton doesn't want to update so any manual edit isn't possible 3) drag images in searching window popup doesn't works too 4) delete dvd from collection doesn't works i hope u will add (but that's my personal wish ) a "search for movie " in menu' a " search by year" a movie "ID" tab and "Year" info in window proprieties thats' all; your program take only 4 MB of ram (that's great) ps: the quite button
  13. 3rd to download yor app, really tnx for your hard work, videoshelf is clean ,simple and fast to use and definitely great to the eyes
  14. it's not trillian, it's miranda Ichat skin by Bogo; you will find it here http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/33880040/
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