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  1. With Sage 1.2 out, are there any plans for a pixel perfect copy of Safari RSS--sans the complicated tools on the left toolbar?
  2. Oh man, mewant. It's really looking great. Knot is still the king.
  3. When I double-click to open the app: System Error &H8007007E (-2147024770). The specified module could not be found.
  4. I don't know how this works. I can change the startpage in the config, but how do I setup the shortcut bar?
  5. Yours is the Jaguar Finder, I believe. That's the Panther one up there.
  6. Some minor annoyances: Buddy icons not supported. "Get Info" button for profiles on the buddy list does not work in Trillian 2.0.
  7. How does it do that, though, when PowderCleaner, itself, uses memory?
  8. Let's see what high school Spanish class can do for me here... Atendo la clase de espanol en mi escuela pero no hablo muy bien. Voy a probar. A el le quiere hacer otra opcion para "tres columnas." Es una caracteristica regular en el Finder de OS X Panther. Quiere tres opciones para ver. Quiere primero opcion: regular, lista y "tres columnas." Le quiere mucho una mejora lista de cosas a la izquierda de tu iFinder (los atajos, no?). Quiere una lista mas exacto de Panther estaria bien. Me parece que le quiere la rebeldia ser en su orden: El foto: Este translacion no es buen
  9. I can't wait till I can start using as an Explorer replacement - when it has mouse shortcuts (back/forward/click in scroll), keyboard shortcuts and drag-and-drop.
  10. How far is alilm from a release? I'm wondering whether I should spend the time setting up iFinder (and making that my default instead of Xplore) or wait for Felix 8.
  11. Screenshot running on Windows. When I input the information, I'll sometimes get some small vertical lines running at the top of each entry. It didn't show up in the screenshot, but it was evident when I was working with it.
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