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  1. Theres still lag when programs are minimizing and maximizing from the dock vs the taskbar which is smoth any fix for this or a way to set the task bar as default?
  2. Thanks for the update. PS you didnt update the link i had to change the 5 to a 6 to download.
  3. Thanks Filandre1 for this dock i have been using it for years i've only just updated to version from 2.0.3, I wanted to ask if there any way to turn off the minimize feature as there no setting to do so? About the lag there is some menu lag when right clicking on the icons. Just want to add this
  4. when i try adding call of duty shortcut it comes up with an error and the shortcuts dont work??
  5. how can i do that? thanks -and- When i try to add game shortcuts like call of duty ones i get errors and they dont work the game try to start and its like im running the exe in a different location?? has the dock got problems with windows 7??? By Panta: topics and threads merged. Stop creating new threads when you need help, will you?
  6. its a nice dock just dont like having my start bar up the top
  7. Is there any way i can move the dock to the top of the screen?
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