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  1. Just a little bit, because there where some changes made by microsoft in some Systemfiles.
  2. Sorry that it tooks such a long time, but after so many people asked me for the files I had reuploaded them... here is the link where you can geht the files... Systemfiles SP2 Perhaps an admin could edit the first post and put that link into.
  3. I'm so glad it's free now, I'm using Opera for years now. It tried Firefox many times but it's not as fast as Opera and especially it's not so direct when you click on something. Opera is just perfect now! It's sure that Firefox is not bad, but Opera is better :-) Opera 4 Life ;-)
  4. Oh sorry, I put it offline because it took too much place on my webspace. I forget to tell it here. If there ist a great request I can put it online again for a week. franziose
  5. I'm logged in but every time I try to download, following message ist comming
  6. @russellc What Icons do you have vor Miranda? Can you tell where to find them? franziose
  7. Hello, when you change Icons, how do you do this? Do you change them directly with reshacker or do you take another programm? And if I change them with reshacker in shell32.dll can I immediately see the changing (after rebuilding icons) or do I have to restart? Franziose
  8. Is it allowed to change colors? I test a little bit with an icon and I like it like that
  9. Really nice that skin Perhaps it will push away longhorn inspirat from my pc.
  10. @Nico I'm not sure if I understand what you mean. The files are only ported by me to SP2. First I changed the bitmaps and icons with "batchmode" After that I copy paste everything from the sp1 files, also the icons witch stefanka added because that one wheren't added by batchmode. And after that all I had made the changes in the xpsp2res.dll (the file where xp take the new or changed dialogs from) @don't do it manually, do it with the replacer Copy explorer.exe in a folder with the replacer, an make a txt file with following text in it Than drag the txt file over the replacer cmd and reboo
  11. I dont' know if he is doing that, but these are the files from sp1 ported to sp2 This should be in the shell32.dll, perhaps you should download the powertoys from microsoft, than install tweakui and then go to the last thing on the left and click something like "refresh icons" Franziose
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