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  1. HI guys Could anyone point me to the direction of some Tutorials on how to Hook the keyboard usings the windows PAI to capture keystrokes, I want to enable my App to Bring itself too top if certain key combo is pressed, mainly because i want to give the option for my application to hide <its a to do list app> when user click Hide button. But i have no real way of havign it charm Form1.hide; to Form1.show; unless i can moniter all Keyboard strokes. I know its posible and have been told not too hard. and i know that it wil lrequire building a DLL, buti just dont know how to code it Thanks
  2. so when I came to my computer today, I turned on the monitor, and nothing was on screen, I think w.e. I'll restart. Well I did, and then when it booted up there was these white lines going from the TOP to the Bottom of the screen, like a white flickering line every few seconds! (Omg my screen just like turned off for a second right now) When it went to the Vista screen the flickering lines go away, but when I turn the monitor off and on, nothing shows up on screen (Well I don't turn it off, it turns off automatically after a while) Idk what is going on?!? Monitor problem? Ad-link
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