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  1. I vaguely remember SKYLINE making numerous topics with questions pertaining to him purchasing a quad core G5. how much money do you have that you can buy top of the line computers every other year? christ..
  2. I bought 2GB of ram for my black MacBook. 512 was really not that great but now I can really tell a difference. it's much faster than my PowerBook. absolutely love it.
  3. I got a Black MacBook for college. it's ultra slick. unfortunately all my music won't fit on it so I've got to figure out a way around that...
  4. well the easiest way to fix this was reinstall Ubuntu, so GRUB would be functioning. This was easy for me since I had nothing important or set up on the Ubuntu partition. but for future reference I should have installed XP first, then Ubuntu.
  5. first I installed Ubuntu 6.06 on a 40GB partition, then booted up in the windows xp install CD and installed XP on the remaining ~70GB. but now it will only boot into windows. how can I get it to ask me when the computer starts to boot either Ubuntu or Windows?
  6. got myself a Black 30gb iPod that plays video as a graduation present. I had never really used an iPod before and I didn't realize how pretty this thing is. the black is definitely really slick.
  7. of course the performance isn't as good. that's a fairly obvious statement. but if I can I'd like to save some moolah. think I could get away with just a core solo?
  8. just noticed the $180 rebate is on every Mac model except the mini. what luck. anyway, if I do go the route of the mac mini, which processor should I get? the solo or the duo? it'll just act as a server for music and video. I seriously doubt I will do any sort of video editing. Maybe a little bit with photos and stuff but I seriously doubt it. Do you think the solo would be enough for the music/video/media center stuff?
  9. why do you need it to close when iTunes does? it's not like it is tough on resources.
  10. there is nothing WRONG with the powerbook. it's just that I was planning on setting up something dedicated to listen to music and watch downloaded TV on the TV. that is why I was considering getting a mac mini. but the mac book also tempted me so I was torn between the two.
  11. I also already have 2 dual bay firewire enclosures with two 120gig drives and two 160gig drives. I didn't mention this earlier because I wasn't sure if I would take them to college or not. Either way, I will potentially have plenty of storage if need be. Right now I think I am leaning towards the mac mini just because I really would like to have a sort of crude media center. But the damn Mac Book looks so nice and is really quite ideal for college.....
  12. I didn't think it would be this lopsided. I figured the fact that I already have a laptop would be reason why the mac mini would be feasible. Am I outdated in thinking that it is not suitable to keep laptops running all the time? wouldn't having a dedicated file dump in the mini be a better option to host my music and videos?
  13. umm no, I wouldn't plan on bringing a display. I could easily VNC into the Mac Mini if need be or use the TV as a monitor. the point of the Mac Mini is to have it out of the way. if I ever needed to access the screen, VNC or the TV would be good enough.
  14. do you think the Powerbook can handle being in one spot (with it's monitor off)? I mean, it's a laptop. will it be OK being on all the time?
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