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  1. Contest is ending soon. Just a reminder. Also, looking for a new coder and some help on the site. PM me or email ([email protected]) if interested. azerch
  2. Invision is the easiest to install, use and customize. It seems to have the most out there as far as addons.
  3. Sorry to hear the sad state of affairs you are in. If you need anything, ask an I will see what I can do. IF, and only IF you want a new host, I highly recommend XitoCreations.com. Very good and very nice packages. I hope you get this resolved ASAP.
  4. Silencedge, thanks for recommending my site. Much appreciated.
  5. I am just asking....I understand people have lives. I am patient. I was only asking to see if he had any time frame that he might be considering. Keep up the good work and I will keep waiting for it.
  6. AWESOME....the other thing is that it doesnt use any other icon but the thunderstorm and right now it is snowing. LOL. Do you have an expected ETA on the release?
  7. I have changed the contest to a skin for the forum only. So 6 mo of free hosting it a descent prize for that. Thanks for the feedback.
  8. PNGResource.com is holding its first contest ever. The contest is to design an entire site for PNGResource.com. Here is more information: http://www.pngresource.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=291
  9. Thank you very much. Installed and working well. I take that back it is not working well part...IT DOESNT UPDATE. What good is this if it doesnt display any new information? Can someone shed some light on that for me. I would appreciate it much.
  10. Where can I get a weather docket that WORKS? I only like MobyDock b/c it had that included in the dock program. Where is it for YzDock?
  11. I have now gotten so tired of it that I am done with docks until they come out with a new version. I guess I am going to be deprived of a dock for a looooonnnngggg time.
  12. Anyone have a pic of this or a dl link? WC is down since yesterday night. TIA
  13. Why is this program crashing all the time when I try to remove an item from it? I like the dock, but I got tired of it crashing on me 3x last night so I went back to YzDock. Is there going to be a new version coming out in this lifetime or what?
  14. I recently moved hosts, so I have alot more storage and alot more bandwidth. So stop on over and upload those icons.
  15. Very nice. You are welcome to post them for hosting on my website. Keep up the good work. azerch
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