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  1. Hi Steve About that promotion I know But with that layout stuff, what do you mean, what should i change... i thought that it was looking & working good ?
  2. Finally I can say that my new site is almost ready. Windows 7 Design I put so much work to it.. I hope i will find here future fans. Have a nice day.
  3. After couple of hours we are ready to show you this one: 30+ High Quality Mac OS X Apple Wallpapers Enjoy
  4. coxis

    Gui Styles

    hmm I have good news for news, i am preparing site only for Windows 7 i have new desing for it in psd , now i search for coder that will make wordpress theme anyway wait couple of days and hope it will work
  5. My site is very old, i think i start it in 2005 Hope you will like it and support also: GUI STYLES Peter
  6. You can find there themes for Mac & Windows for all kind of iTunes versions !!!
  7. What more can i say, it is collection with best icons from September 2009. Best Icons in September 2009 Go ahead and find best icons for your docks...
  8. If you use iTunes like I do you probably want to customize it to fit your taste. This website provide tutorials, skins and many another things for iTunes. iTunes Skins It is for Mac and Windows, for new iTunes 9 also. Could someone here from administrators could prepared news for the first page of aqua-soft. It would be great to inform more people about that site and possibility of customize iTunes. Please make that work for me if you can. Tnx
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