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  1. Its pointless to see my board, all I need to the html code and what file to edit. If you can explain in any way how viewing my IPB board is helpful then please do.
  2. whats the code for this and what file am I suppose to edit?
  3. I just successfully installed Invision Power Board 3.0.4, and I imported AquaSoft's Skin Set, Image Set, and Macro. It won't show up, even if I recached and re-imported. I imported a skin set, then I imported a image set, choosing as4 as the skin to apply with, then I got confused installing a macro. It said "Install XML Replacement" and it had nothing to do with the word macro, so it was my last option and I uploaded it and applied to as4. I went to "Manage Themes" then "Edit Settings" and I made as4 as my default. I refreshed my forum, and nothing happens. I made all images directly load f
  4. How do I make a new kind of navigation like this? also, how do I make a front page like Aqua-Soft.org's front page?
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