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  1. Sigh... this is a rumor and you state it like it's a fact. /Threat title edited
  2. News should at least appear impartial and objective but what you posted makes you sound like you hold a grudge against Apple... I suggest you edit it a bit
  3. There's nothing to worry about when updating OSX (well most of the time ) If you're really paranoid repair permissions and that's it. And why wouldn't you want to update to 10.4.10?
  4. They never said it's ok so if you're going to report on something, report it properly. Apple said they PROBABLY won't BREAK the hacks on purpose but it is LIKELY to happen. The title is more than misleading.
  5. Hi, my name is WHO... my name is WHAT... my name is CHIKA CHIKA Un-unbe! <_
  6. This thread has been proclaimed to be: LAME by the all-mighty, uber mod. I'm 5 by the way so if you flirt with me i'm calling the cops <_<
  7. I like big butts and i cannot lie, all you other brothers can't deny!
  8. Shhh malisha! On a serious note, this is an english speaking forum so unless you're a hot japanese chick willing to cyber with me, use english please >_> Carry on, nothing to see her <_<
  9. WTF!? News post on AS? You sure this is not girlsgonewildontimmah.com? <_<
  10. Yes the prick is back free from Illidan's clutches... well at least that's the plan <_
  11. Hello, i'm new to forums and i'd like to say that PC rocks and Macs suck! <_
  12. Duckie's not back... he's just the product of your (twisted) imagination <_
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