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  1. I am using MSN and QQ. Do you know QQ ? An powerful real time chat program, you can search for more information about from Internet!
  2. the swine flu is not curable right, but if you are treated at the beginning of it you have a chance to survive it, it is a deadly flu because so much mucus gets stuck where you breathe, you will die of no air!
  3. Firefox has loads of add ons and stuff like that it is very customizable
  4. i gave it to myself after the laundry detergant because i couldnt think of a good one for myself and that commercial came on tv.
  5. I've used both. Do I care which one is correct? No. Language is so mixed up in today's society that it doesn't even matter.
  6. i want unbe the dog so he can protect ma crib from the scares that have allready happened
  7. Thi is the economic recession for USA people. Here at Argentina it is the dengue (don't know translation for this) infections in northern Argentina (a real problem causing lots of real deaths, government has "wisely" given lot of attention to swine flu instead, which didn't still arrive here
  8. Personally I will use Firefox, and to me I like v2 better than v3. But I will use Safari constantly, its easy and elegant. I used to have FireFox as my main browser and Safari being the second from the top (screw IE, too f'in slow) but WindowBlinds
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