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  1. inno3D and Sparkle (nVidia) whats the difference between them? anyone knows?
  2. can someone reupload the simple installer? really need it
  3. that looks fine. but is there a rk launcher only installer with no extras? its kinda confusing if i add the icons on my database when i already have plenty of it.
  4. need help my rk launcher won't run because i accidentally deleted something related to rk launcher in HJT while i was fixing a virus, an HJT expert on some forum told me to check the box of rk launch then 'fix', so thats what happens, i think it got removed from the registry, i tried downloading rk launcher here again but it wont get back to normal, i also tried restoring it from HJT but still wont work. im using rk launcher version 4 beta. anyways is there an installer setup version? or please tell me how can i fix the registry on rk launcher in my system
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