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  1. List of effects & why choose Download currently only for registered Users only register is free and requires only password, avatar and user name Size: download ~450kb (Nimi file compressor and updater program), executable ~830kb Compatible: from Microsoft Windows XP to Microsoft Windows 7 (developed on those two operational systems) Inbuilt effects: over 58 Languages: English, Türkçe, 中文, Pilipino, Polski, Italiano, Français, Norsk, Español, Deutsch Requirements: Minimum: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Recommended: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0, with UAC disabled
  2. Download from DeviantArt.com Why choose? Almost full list of features, effects etc. (download mirrors on the page) Greetings Aqua community Today I've a great pleasure to present to You latest Nimi Visuals 10.4 - unique effects engine and customization tool for Microsoft Windows. So here we go - as list of changes is long I will focus on what I like the most in this release: Performance - tour de force in terms of optimization(on measuring blocks nanosecond execution time level). It's like few times faster, uses less memory - much better experience in my opinion. If someon
  3. Download from DeviantArt.com (for download mirrors on the page) Greetings Aqua community Today I've a great honour to present to You latest Nimi Visuals - 10.3 - nimblest Visuals ever. Now it not only offers over 57 effects, many of existing noticeably improved, but improved performance (example: on my computer core doesn't use 60% CPU as in past for on move & resize effects - now it's like 2%), but also better compatibility (was developed on three systems on them: Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista and Microsoft Windows 7) not to even speak of more intuitive inte
  4. ... don't remind me that - it's traumatic ;P Yup - I still wonder how many people will see beauty of this solution: basic requires .NET 2.0, more advanced 3.5 DWM thumbnails support is planned for next release (10.3) - I've already had code but couldn't try it so far as it didn't work with my Vista Basic. My pleasure - but I really hate those made by copycats, one tries to do something professionally and that's how one ends. Heh but it will look well in my CV
  5. And for the one hundred fivty time I will say - remember how long it took to bring XP to it's current state. I like nice sounding names. ;P Like ultimate, professional etc. - those add meaning to everything. As mentioned before reported to work - not tested directly by me on W7. Always ensure to have all components up to date. Fighting on system which is still kind of mystery without proper motivation aren't my thing. Firstly I can't afford it, secondly so far everyone switches to older systems from what I've heard. Did You ever wonder why there is additional "XP compatybility mode" - anywa
  6. Thanks - such words are important for me especially when journalists won't help You get through. I try to add many various effects, besides of what I know can be achieved - I'm still very time limited, so I often had to make trade of over what to add, and how detailed. However, those still keep rather high quality. And personally I still love data collector from features and picture board from effects - in next release there will be few related to this one. Problem is just opening for new possibilities. ;D Though I would prefer not having any problems at all - I see posibilities witho
  7. Download sources (no file sharing type sites) Why choose - reasons (read detailed reasons why to choose) Video presentation (3 parts - about 30 minutes total, available in HD - see for Yourself how amazing it is) Tested on Vista Basic notebook, XP Home netbook Reported to work Windows 7 Should work any .NET capable system Greetings Aqua-Soft community. First it's a great honor to post in such noble place - where many great software titles created their legends, many Users found Their style and inspiration. Secondly, it's shame on me that I didn't post here earlier - especially
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