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  1. I've personally had a similar issue on vista. Try unchecking the automatically save config feature. That solved it for me. It forces me to resave it everytime I change something, but at least it doesn't bugger out anymore.
  2. Uhm is there a way to force a certain stacking order for desklets in the showcase? For instance create a clicktroughable desklet that spans over the whole monitor and on which would then other desklets reside. For some reason I can't find a way to make it follow a certain z-order that I choose :~
  3. Hello, I'm curious Does anyone know how to modify the "blank" slates on the vista folder icon on which the inside items are composted? I know that the inner and outer walls are seperate icons (I think 5 and 6 in the DLL or something along these numbers), but I can seem to find the position or orientation of the preview generated images
  4. I'm curious, but is there some desklet, which sort of creates a window in which a third party application can run? For instance so that this third party application could use various perks of avedesk like the showcase and others. For instance running a video viewer inside of such a wrapper or perhaps something like localhostruplodr.
  5. It's vista, I guess I'll have to run the impulse update. and hope that fixes it.
  6. Best guess would be Have the folder on the bottom layer. Put the feather above it. Fill 0% opacity 100% (or make the feather black and put it to screen) Inner glow and a gradient overlay with low opacity on darken most likely.
  7. Uh I've just recently started using windowsblinds and noticed a weird error. Sometimes if I launch an application trough another one (for instance a notepad file trough winrar) the application doesn't get skinned properly. The same isuess are sometimes with the windows picture viewer, portable version of iron in general (chrome derivate) and a couple of other apps most likely. I would assume that this is something to do with me normally having Explorer off?(I have a feeling this only happens with it off) I use litestep so it doesn't have explorer running all the time. EDIT This happ
  8. Uh hello, I've recently downloaded Avedesk, hoping to get my HDD icons on the desktop. I downloaded the Zip file for the 1.3 version and ran it completely fine. The issue is, that while the rightclick menu for the shortcuts work (drives show properties, I can empty trash etc.) When I left click or right click+open, rightclick+explore, nothing at all happens. Could it be an issue with me running litestep and explorer usually being down? Otherwise system is Win vista home premium x64 sp2. Also if I manage to get this problem solved - how does the automounter desklet work? Any help would be
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