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  1. A question to developers: would you create XWD for Unix in future?
  2. It's amazing! It starts much faster, animation quality's better) Don't know about plugins and skins yet, but I think it's so perfect as another features I'll wait for stable version)))
  3. Hi everybody! I found some skins for Miranda IM on deviantART (like Adium HUD, etc.). But I don't know how to install it on 0.81 ver.! Can anybody help me? There are some of this skins for Miranda IM: />http://yukihatsu.deviantart.com/art/Pure-Adium-for-Miranda-IM-86047623 />http://nardoxic.deviantart.com/art/adium-eclipse-104050714 />http://cypohirogen.deviantart.com/art/Pure-Adium-86016641 />http://chaodam.deviantart.com/art/HUD-Adium-Port-for-Miranda-IM-72176226 How to instal it? My Miranda was from this: http://miranda.im/ (ver. 0.81) Maybe I should download another version
  4. Hi all. I'm searching for programmer (XWD plugins). I want to conenct people who can help me with Adium Plugin (for QiP). Desirable - Russian. Contacts: ICQ: 467054983 Skype: roboslone Thanks!
  5. Am... And what about iTunes docklet for AveDesk? I tryed it, it's what i need Maybe it's possible to rewrite it for XWD 5.6? How can I contact developers?)
  6. Is there are any docklets for iTunes? I'd like to manage my iTunes 9 (start/pause/next/previous) from XWD 5.6, is it real? If only developers can create this docklet, can I help? Preferences -> Stack -> Aspect -> Animation speed (fan) / Animation speed (grid) Do not Double post - read the rules at least - mps69
  7. There is no good themes for windows7, that can turn it to Mac OS X. Windowblinds - is thу best!) ***About links: you have to spend much time to install it (windows7 security) and it can damage system. When I tryed to apply this themes, my windows7 gone bad. I had to install another windows.
  8. Yes, you are right, but I want to work with a professional or just expirienced. I think theme that I can make won't be very successful.
  9. I saw it all. There are no one perfect theme.
  10. Hi all. I have a Mac OS X on my VMWare in Windows and I made some screenshots of it. I'd like to make a WindowBlinds theme and an ObjectBar skin. But I'm not very expirienced in it. Can anyone help me? It would be great if anyone can make it, because there are many people who want to have a 'WinMac' - Mac OS X interface in Windows. And one more question, does ObjectBar 2.1 supports rounded rectangles? PLEASE HELP ME!
  11. I've tryed so many docks..) XWindowsDock (XWD) is the best! It have the same functions as RocketDock and much more and it's easy to use. You don't need any extra plugins for it. Also there are some wonderful skins for it.
  12. I'm not sure if it will work on AMD x64, but it's an easy way to boot windows or mac os. Try to use Acronis OS Selector.
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