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  1. Well, that gets me one step further... [Fatal Error] MacXDocklets.pas(6): File not found: 'XMLIntf.dcu' I don't yet understand how Delphi determines the *.dcu files' existence... In the package I downloaded, there was no "DirectDraw.dcu", yet it worked! I'll figure it out soon enough, but in the meantime - thanks for pointing me/us in the direction of the packages we need! (If there is anyone out there who's gotten significantly further along in this than me, then, blast it all - speak up! Make this easier on all of us!)
  2. For those looking for a legal download of Delphi 7 (the first ones I stumbled across on google were NOT...) - look here: http://delphifocus.blogspot.com/search/label/Delphi%207 I realized that the error message I was recieving was not about the "Sources.pas" file, but in fact "madExcept". Once I installed the packages from http://www.madshi.net/ , then I could move past it. Now I have to figure out where "DirectDraw.dcu" comes from...
  3. Perhaps someone like Panta could be a sort of Project Lead... He could assemble a list of bugs/features, and people could volunteer to address specific items on the list. He could keep an updated list of what folks are working on what issues - a public list, of course, so that we can all see what is happening and what is in need of work. Just a thought, and no, I'm not saying it has to be Panta - he just is obviously very dedicated to the program. It could be someone else, too. (not me, though - I am doing well just to find time to poke around the code... and try to learn Delphi 7 )
  4. Hi Bobah - I get hung up on this line: Sources in 'C:\Documents and Settings\Âëàäèìèð\Ðàáî÷èé ñòîë\Sources.pas'; Besides the obvious extended characters not reading right, I can't find "Sources.pas" in the current source package. That where I'm stuck! Thanks for any help you can give.
  5. This thread appears to be Bobah's response. A great big THANKS to Bobah13! The future of Xwindows Dock is indeed a bright one.
  6. Incredible! Thanks Bobah! I will get cracking at compiling - first I need to get Delphi 7!
  7. Great post, firecracker. Some excellent advice and thoughts. I did actually try and contact him personally, both via PM and email, some time ago. I'm not sure either of those actually got through, so I thought I'd present the idea publicly, in case he were to visit the forum. You're right about how picking out a good license/distribution model would help. I'll get thinking about that - but also remember, he can specify any sort of license agreement he wants, even write his own. It can be as liberal or conservative as he'd like. That said, I'll still try and find something appropriate. I comp
  8. Hi all, I'm a big fan of Bobah13's work here. Xwindows dock is the most polished, and customizable app of its kind that exists in the freeware world. However, like so many wonderful and useful apps, it seems to have fallen into the sad realm of "stagnant" software (meaning, no on-going development), along with so many other wonderful freeware projects. What does this mean for the future of Xwindows dock? Do we simply let the bugs continue to "bug" us? All feature requests become pointless... etc etc. Same thing happened to RKlauncher - a nice app, but no development in 4 years - its user bas
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