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  1. i'm definitely not one of the originals but did spend a lot of time around these boards. Great to see it's still up and running
  2. This is how I protect my wireless network at home, I'm on a Netgear router and I'm a Mac user as well 1. Hide SSID 2. WEP 3. MAC filtering (only allow known devices to connect to the network) 4. Disable the router's DHCP server and use manual IPs instead I do sometimes disable WEP because of my mum's laptop running SUSE linux which doesn't support WEP (at least her version doesn't, I can't be bothered looking into Linux stuff as it is so unorganised) Hope that helps.
  3. meh just another jealous kid who can't afford to have a Mac and yes this has been posted looooooooooooooong ago hehe
  4. I believe Aqua elements will be completely removed in the final build of OSX leopard. At the moment, Leopard beta's UI is a mix of iTunes UI and Aqua (scrollbars, push buttons etc.. are still aqua while the rest is iTunesesque) and I don't think Apple would release something like that to the public. I do believe that Aqua is dead, just look at Apple's website, no more aqua elements, that is what Leopard will look like. Their website always reflects their current OSX's GUI
  5. screw linux, nuff said. Seriously, if you're into multimedia stuff (photos, musics, videos, cellphones...) you'd better get Windows or OSX. Linux is just too far behind when it comes to supporting 3rd party devices. Poor documentation and lack of support (from both developers and experienced users) make it even worse. As someone's said above, you get what you paid for, since you don't pay anything for Linux, don't expect too much of it...
  6. do you realise that you're posting your question on a forum that dedicates itself to making windows based computers look like OSX? So obviously the answer will be GET A MACBOOK PRO GOD DAMN IT!!! but seriously, I would also get a Macbook pro because: 1. Having had quite a few notebooks/laptops in the past, I realise that the support and services provided by Apple are by far the best. I've had Dell, Asus and Toshiba laptops. 2. The beauty, simplicity, sexiness, userfriendlyness, younameit... of OSX and its applications. I just wish that my company was using OSX based computers *sigh*
  7. pixadex is what you need bro, you can use it on your ibook long time no see bro!
  8. also, that old powerbook (black) looked like any other Dell/Ibm/younameit laptop, it just doesn't flash at all. As i said above, silly topic with crazy ideas
  9. I hope this is just a joke I really don't wish to see these walls (apart from lady bug) in the final release.. not that UI either
  10. did I say "nobody HERE"?? i don't care about other communities, i was referring to OUR aqua-soft forums as he was asking for Mac themes... Where could you find decent Mac themes for windows apart from aqua-soft? that website is full of nitwits anyway
  11. another ss from me bleh Wall is by Psychopulse NFR (yet)
  12. the reply to your question is NO, nobody here uses windows 98®, pretty much everyone has followed the trend and migrated to either xp or vista. IMO, even if you found someone that's still using windows 98® they wouldn't be able to make the skin for you because all decent skinners/themers have got their PC updated to later Windows OS or switched over to the brighter side of the world. Not trying to be rude at all, but I guess you should give up the idea of skinning windows 98® because 1. it's old 2. it sucks 3. nobody uses it 4. it doesn't support nothing 5. it's Windows 98 ®
  13. then a bottom of the line macbook will be the way to go mate. This thing can do just about anything apart from gaming
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