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  1. Invitation would be nice! Mr.Toner[at]web.de
  2. Have done one for Nokia 6233. It's not 100% perfect but absolutely useable. PM me if u want it.
  3. Hey, great update! I'll definately install this on my pc but since i have done the switch to mac at last at home, i doesn't use my pc very often but if there are any major problem with any of my skins please pm me or post the problem here and i'll fix it/them as fast as i find a second. Thanks, Toner
  4. Just the first shot of my new mac setup. Nothing special - pure Cerebro.
  5. Hi there, since i use InspiratSE VS again i decide to work a little bit on my iTunes skin to look smother and more clean. Many graphics are redone. For more details view the info. Download is still the same. Have fun. Cheers
  6. 1. WTF?! Watch the TAG and first post 2. replace the FF icon in the firefox.exe 3. cheers
  7. I LOVE the new iTunes interface and since the updates, at last it seems to be stable. I haven't hat any problems yet. So go ahead and download that fu***** beast even with the latest MultiPlugin. Ah, and thanks for your nice comments guys. Cheers Toner
  8. Hey, these are the original buttons from the SuMa OS X iTunes skin. ;-) This might be a problem with dark buttons on lighter background... you can see the contrast much better...but ill take a look into it...maybe redo the buttons
  9. Hello, today i want you to get in love with SuMa. SuMa is a sweet little iTunes skin which you can get in 3 color variants, blue, green and orange. Attention! You should not eat it! For more info just take a look in the readme. Download Have fun, Toner
  10. No skinning problems with the new version! To your question. All images must be kept by the original size expect the Titlebar, Left and Right images and the left mini player image (and the right but you can't use it) Every other image witch hasn't the original size will be shown as the default image. Cheers Toner
  11. Compact Menu extension updated to work with Firefox 2.0 here
  12. That would be really great if you find a way doing this .... best wishes, Toner
  13. Something inspired http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/41957417/
  14. Cold skin for iTunes 7 GuiKit is done by Improvpastence and ported by Mrrste - credits to them download Thanks, Toner
  15. Yea, that sounds good for me....it may be easier to understand which scrollbar bmp is needed and which is not. BTW good to hear that the chages wouldn't be noticeable at all in most of the skins. If the EQ is really skinnable within the next release i'll update it in all my skins...and if you are planning to include some of them in the next release again you can be sure you have all my permission and support.. Thanks man! /Toner
  16. Great! I am looking forward to these skinning fixes.... can we expact major changes in the numbering of the bmps....i can remember you have spoken about new scrollbar numbers for example. Thank you so much for working on it! Greez Toner
  17. 1. Hehe, doesn't matter since you could help me...we (me for sure) are all here (and there) to learn from others and teach others.. thats what things pushing forward i think.... AMEN 2. Thanks...they need that kind of love to work accurately and get even better! /avil
  18. THANK YOU sir!! a 0px solid toolbar and toolbar(menu) border does it perfectly! Again, thx so much! Cheers Toner
  19. Hi, anyone know if this white line (red marked) is a firefox image/color setting or is it part of the MSStyle and where to find the setting to change that color (if this is skinned by the windows-engine which string is it or where to find it in StyleBuilder). Thanks in advance for your help, Toner
  20. Thanks for your nice comments guys!! btw is there any intrest in a skinned musicstore or the "extra window" bottom buttons? if so let me know.. Cheers
  21. Hello, because of many requests i release my iTunes skins for AquaSE and Cerebro with permisson form StefanKa. download download Please post bugs and requests (if there are any) here. Thanks Toner
  22. i like the 2nd and 3th much better than the prevous one! Dont know which one i would take...
  23. Infobar: dont like the corners and that hard blue lines...but its just my opinion Gardient: shuffle (not?!) mabe it looks like for me... right mini player image looks wired But hey, its just me and only my thoughts
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