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  1. I have to say it, i don't like this version, it's not the same since xwd 5.6, this new update for xwd 2.0.3 remains almost in the same features like 2.0.2, i don't know why you are supporting this dock for Windows XP (then use xwd 5.6), in my opinion XWD2 are exclusively for Windows 7, the new update are just fixes and 2 new API's, why you make another container like external plugin when you already have one inside the dock, in that case, just rebuild it with that new stuff and features, by the way the new container is so slow on my computer (i know this is beta), the gmail plugin don't sign
  2. Is really sad to see that this project (XWD 2.02) is going to slow, mean while the WXD 5.6 is fully functional on windows xp, looking so smooth with a lot of more features than the new one. Right now i'm using windows 7 unfortunately XWD 5.6 doesn't work at 100% on this platform. And i'm planning to change the OS from W7 to WXP just because of that, for XWD5.6. XWD 2.02 need three things in my opinion to get much better and give that big step on its development: -magnifying -mouseover (when you put the pointer of your mouse over the edge of the screen the dock appears) -more features to edi
  3. BOBAH13, take all the time you need, even after the first release of the beta, we don't want a dock with many bugs.
  4. BOBAH13, it is possible to use skins from the original dock in a mac to the new XWD 2.00?, that would be so great, it opens a new world fo skins!!!
  5. Hi BOBAH13 i would really like to see something different on this new version XWD: 1.- the reserved screen area for the dock, regardless of the windows version is in use, always hide the borders when a window is maximized , this happen in the current version of XWD 5.6 But if you can do some changes in this new version i really like see something like this: A Window capable of show their border when is maximized in "reserve screen area mode" could be great. 2.-Another thing is to preview the whole entire format of a kind of video. For example in one carpet you have 20 vi
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