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  1. make that **** for dashboard! I want it. beautiful stuff man.
  2. im getting a bangin soundsystem for my truck! blast my dnb
  3. Nice Lou. A little glossy for my taste but I know this will be a hit. -bunkka
  4. dont worry about it. i have a 2500 + oclocked to 3200+ and its running at a cool 46* constant. i do have a good heatsink though. but 50-58 is pretty average dont worry about it. -bunkka
  5. all you have to do is click on paint bucket, and in the toolbar, you click the box that has anti aliasing checked... -bunkka p.s. i use the rectangular marquee tool and paint bucket.
  6. good job, ive been using soft aqua for a while on my mac and i like it very much. its really clean. good stuff -bunkka
  7. ya, bunkka wears black suit, white shirt, pink tie. power ties are awsome biznatches. -bunkka
  8. the second...the other looks childish. not very formal for a formal occasion. -bunkka
  9. hehe, my speakers do the same thing when my cell phone goes off. same as the speakers on my 19inch tv. maybe that is el problemo. -bunkka
  10. *Update .002" Well Guys, here is an updated version of my upcoming masterpiece[hehe, j/m] tell me what you guys think. -bunkka
  11. hehe grim. no it is not an error, just used m.c. eschers illusion technique. look at stevie bm's first post, click on the "M.C. Escher" link. he was the inspiration. so was Pixel Freak. If you notice on Pixel Freak's entrance page, you will see the neverending waterfall, which m.c. escher created. -bunkka
  12. well, my friends and i didn't have to pay for our ragnarok stuff....there are ways to make it free, but....the game gets very old, very quick. you need a real game to make it the official a-s "game"? like hl2. but im not in favor of making any game the official aqua-soft game, because like loofygun said, its a-s not a game forum. -bunkka
  13. @Stevie: Well I did not have M.C. Escher in mind, but it is the same concept. I dont know if your just messing with me when you say it looks a little strange...its how its suppose to be. If there is an error, plz show me, and i'll fix it. thx. i wont be able to work on it today since i have a HUGE bible as lit. project that is due tomorrow. ya i waited till the last minute, but it will be xlnt. hehe. thanks for the comments. -bunkka
  14. *Update .001" hey guys, well i just would like to show you what i have come up with so far, basically the groundwork.... tell me what you think. if you have any advice, it will be accepted. -bunkka
  15. @Krage: my sis has those turntables. you know the icon you have in your dock. lol. they suck!!!!! its kewl though, all she does is use them while drafting. anyways those are nice icons. -bunkka
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