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  1. Hi, first of all, congrats for all the good improvements on the last update, specially the gmail plugin, however I still find some things missing. For me it was more comfortabe to edit things like the reflection, icon shadow etc in the options menu instead of the skin file. Also I don´t like the effect of the icon when you click it, it´s a very slow animation, at least, I suggest to add the option of disable it. There are some bugs when you resize the dock from the separator, it becomes crazy and keeps refreshing the icons forever. Another suggestions, maybe you could add an option to put the dock in first plane when the mouse is over it´s area (like in xwd 5.6) and a option to avoid the dock disspaear when you click show desktop button. I think that both of them would be very useful. At least, two questions, where I can edit the resources of the right click menu? and it´s possible now to skin files with rounded corners? Thanks in advance for the answers and consideration, about the feedback and suggestions, take care that those are personal oppinions. <spam> Check the new skin I submitted on the XWD 2 skin topic </spam>
  2. My last docks were pure gold, this one is even better, being honestly with you guys, I am the best dock desginer ever. Download
  3. Elegantia Docks download link
  4. Same happen to me, it happens after you change your desktop wallpaper on Windows Seven. If you change the wallpaper you have to restart to get XWD working properly again. Yeah, it´s very weird. Hope I could help!
  5. Hi, I was porting my XWD 5.6 dock skins to the new 2.0 version, although, I have problems porting the skins that have rounded corners, I suppose I have to change some option on the skin file, probable the option that says "Rect Format" but I don´t know what change I have to make here. Here is the example of what want to port: The 2.0 skin result has the top corners very pixelated and looks really ugly I hope someone could helps, thanks in advance. ,emey87.
  6. I ported some of my XWindows Dock 5.6 Skins to the 2.0 Version: Download Ice Download Obsidian
  7. What the hell? Porting my skins to that CAD clone, giving no credit and without ssaying something to me? I don´t like that. The funny thing was that in one of my skins on the gallery says that the original author was "El guincho" the name of the artist of the song played on the preview, lol, and on most of thems the contact was a chinese GUI forum very well known by stealing other people work. I could say that the 90% of the skins of that gallery are (bad) ports or (bad) mods made without permission of original authors. If I were you I will seriosly take care of this before it becomes a trouble... Anyways, in the case you gived credit to me, I would never allow my skins to be used on a CAD clone. ¬¬"
  8. Stacks docklet won'twork with that.... It opens from bottom to top...
  9. I tried to put the dock on the top changing the option "space between dock and screen" but has a limit of 100 pixels, so, I tried on the settings.xml file, changing tha value of "<paneloffset>0</paneloffset>" to the value I needed to put it in the top, however, when I start xWindows dock, the value returns to 100; exists any way to put this offset to a higher value??? that will enable put the dock in the top of the screen instead of the bottom. THANKS
  10. Hi!!! I need help about something.. How could I make to put the dock on the top of the screen instead of the bottom of the screen, until now I was using rocketdock and I could put it on hte top of hte screen: http://emey87.deviantart.com/art/New-desktop-130867125 I want to make the same with xwindows dock but I don´t find that option... Thanks for your answers...
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