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  1. http://www.google.com.py/search?hl=es&clie...btnG=Buscar&lr=
  2. i dont like the place of the led and power, and please include more usb ports. thanks nice concept..
  3. you need to make or buy some batteries (car ones works) for your old lightning set
  4. i have a similar problem, but its with the weather (xml) and thunderbird... this last keeps open all the time and starts alone
  5. the docklet counter showme the total mails in the inbox, its possible to show only the unread emails? thanks
  6. mflo, link to wallpaper please?
  7. montoya is the F1 racer, the name of the developer is "matonga" your app looks good
  8. post some por audi q7 too, please
  9. nope, just go here: http://oliuss.deviantart.com/art/Blue-Swift-78789722 or click in the preview.
  10. that's not a good idea, powerbooks takes air from the keyboard side
  11. I think I'm the Mr. MessyWires.. thats ma'house pc desktop back wires, tomorrow i'll take some photos of my SOHO studio..
  12. its polished aluminum, trust me.. http://stores.ebay.es/Quality-Heaven_iPOD-...0QQfsubZ6827535
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